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Chili Cold Blood

From Fabio again, here is an LP from Texas' Chili Cold Blood......a brief description:

Cult favorite Chili Cold Blood recorded this stripped-down BLACK & BLUES record with their unique combination of steel guitar, guitar, vocals, and drums on a stormy weekend in a cabin in the Texas hill country

Cult favorite Chili Cold Blood now has many albums and countless shows under their belts. Their signature, evolving style of BLACK & BLUES has earned them awards shows, magazine features, overseas performances, music festivals, and television soundtracks.
After several progressively elaborate albums, Chili Cold Blood decided to pare it down and take a minimalist "live" approach to recording, with one track each of guitar, steel guitar, drums, and vocals (CDBABY)

  1. Good Girl 02:53
  2. Dew Drop Inn 03:05
  3. Prince Of Darkness 04:27
  4. Kelly Anne 04:23
  5. Sexy Lady 04:21
  6. Sadie Got Motion 03:35
  7. New Orleans 02:26
  8. Bottles On The Table 04:10
  9. Six Horses 03:13
  10. Stereo Light 06:41

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