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Steve Drewett & The Indestructable Beat

Gotta love some "Afro-Punk", which is just what it sounds like......this is a really fine album, enjoyed it a
good bit......you can hear African influences, latter day Heads, Clash and more......"Disgraceland" is a fine album, like to hear more.......here's a review:

Originally released in 1993 in cassette format, and briefly on Brooklyn based download site ‘Anthology’ in 2000, it has since been much sought after, originally titled ‘The Broad Church of the Indestructible Beat’ it is now named after one of it’s tracks ‘Disgraceland’, this title reflects more fully on the state of the nation as it is now

The Indestructible Beat (taking its name from the album ‘The Indestructible Beat of Soweto” on Earthworks International 1985) and along with it, the musical genre ‘Afro-punk’, was created by Steve excitement’.

“Glad I came across you!! Your music is gorgeous, power, passion, unforgettable dreamy melodies with a unique quality. . . lovely!!” (‘Urgent Fury’ Facebook comment that sums up the album very well)

"His (Steve Drewett & The Indestructible Beat) is a jagged music, the rawness of prime new wave forged with
the lilting rhythms of African dance, two seemingly impossible partners, a match made somewhere other than heaven, the results can only startle". (Folk Roots issue 21 1990)Drewett in 1990 (long before the James Spooner film ‘Afro Punk’ in 2003, that inspired the Brooklyn Festival of the same name starting in 2005.) He had just called it a day with his punk band the ‘Newtown Neurotics’ (1988, Reformed in 2005), a combo he had spent the Eighties fronting, producing eight classic singles and four classic albums. Trying to decide where to go from there, Steve avoided the formation of a Newtown Neurotics 2.0 by sticking to the original spirit of punk which demanded constant creativity, of pushing barriers, of challenging pre-conceptions. He wanted the next band he formed to be different, very different, but still within the framework of punks’ ‘concise


released March 20, 2017

Steve Drewett: Guitar/lead vocals
Mac: Bass guitar/trombone/backing vocals
Sarah Ross: Vocals
Neil Tye: Percussion
Ian Bristow: Percussion
Greg Caburn: Sax/backing vocals
Adam Amore: Sax/backing vocals
Isaac Prevost: Drums
Tony Bennett: Drums


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