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The Tweeds

Here ya go power pop fans, a good and comprehensive anthology of the Tweeds! From good ol' USA comes a set of Buzzcocks'-like power-popping singles......good collection.

Usually Numero reissues come with lengthy bios and myriad facts about careers gone astray, labels that were pockets of talent or early careers that were overlooked. This one seems a bit oddly rushed for Numero, in that its onlyAVAILABLE digitally and there don’t seem to be any notes with it. However, for those familiar with theirYellow Pills comp, theNAME Tweeds should be familiar. They showed up on both the early CD version of Prefill and Numero’s later issue of Buttons. The band was from Massachusetts and issued a small string of singles and EPs from 1977 – 1981, the most famous of which is probably 1980’s Perfect Fit which contains their most lasting tracks “I Need That Record” and “The Girl Who Said No”
Pretty much all of their output is included here, even including an alternateRECORDING of “Underwater Girl” from its inclusion on an ’81 b-side that saw it rerecorded for the release and added an intro. The band apparently included Kenny Gorelick (aka Kenny G, the band of your elevator existence) on keys at one point but its unclear how much of the material he may have played on. In general the band has a lot of delightful, but not especially hard hitting power pop and its safe to say this may be the most definitive release of their music that you’d ever need. The aforementioned “Underwater Girl” might be the best surprise, as its not included on many compilations and its a solid runner of a power pop jam and gives the band a bit of a harder edge. The rest isPROBABLY for the true power pop diggers but I’ve always been a sucker for the fringes of the genre. Not holding my breath for a vinyl issue of this but it would be nice to have a bit more background from the label on this one. Barring that, I’ll just cross my fingers that the Buttons series might startBACK UP (please, please, please), it was promising but I’m sure it sorely undersold those soul comps. One can only hope this might be an indication of turning their gaze back towards power pop.
01. If I Could Only Dance 02:21
02. I'm Thru 01:56
03. Shortwave 02:25
04. Teen Love 02:35
05. Ode to a Glicknick (The Larry Glick Song) 01:39
06. Underwater Girl 03:10
07. My Memories 02:44
08. Postcard 03:01
09. I Need That Record 03:19
10. Hey Baby 03:50
11. Later Tonight 02:53
12. She's the Girl (Who Said No) 03:09
13. I've Got Rock 03:39
14. We Ran Ourselves 03:45
15. Away from You 04:11
16. Underwater Girl (Eat Records Version) 03:51
17. Part of the Game 04:02
18. No More 03:02

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