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More internet-only garage comps, and a non-person

If you've had the pleasue of reading 1984 (a favorite of mine on many intellectual levels), you will be
familair with the term "non-person"....a non-person has all traces of his/her existence, written, physical, or otherwise, removed to suit the needs of "the Party".....Scott Andridge, who has made such an ass of himself on this blog of late, has officially become "non-person" status as he (or someone) deleted all his MENSA-like comments......excellent. let's all just pretend he/it never existed, and hopefully he finds happiness and someone ELSE'S penis to measure.

Man these internet-only garage rock comps are the shit are they not? You gotta love the "Fathers and Sons" epic, and the "FuzzFace" set, what can you say? Well about now we hear, for a few days from the undisputed king of internet-only garage rock comps.....the late (?) GREAT Katrakyla......I've posted a fw of his magnificent 60's comps before, but THIS was his TRUE forte.....modern day garage-fuzz......hope he's still with us and sees this and knows that at least I appreciated the shit out of his efforts. His top effort was the "They are All My Friends in Garage Punk", but that is eight discs, we'll get there in a few days, but I've been working hard on these mamoth sets......so I'm going to go with, for today, a fw of his (no less brilliant) single disc comps.......you will love them be sure! I will not stop until I've posted ALL of his brilliant work, if you liked "Fathers and Sons" and "Fuzzface", those were the warmups for the KING of garage-fuzz brilliance!

Let's start out with the somewhat haphazard "Garage Fuzz Pack by Katrakyla"......what we have here
are 28 slamming tunes from 8 greatbands, simple as that. As I often call these "internet only creations" true "labours of love", THIS fits that definition to a "T"....some of the true greats of modern day garage rock are here, The Beavers, Chinese Millionaires, Exploding White Mice, and especially Green Tellescope. Yo do not wish to miss this set.

A bit more comprehensive is "Trash Attack"......25 tracks with legendary performers like (a personal favorite of mine) Columbus Ohio's Gaunt, Spider Babies, Baseball Furies, and the Jewws.....this is great, great, great stuff, your collection is simply incompete without it.

Next up, "Katrakyla's Garage Punk EP Collection, consisting of 5 fine EP's squeezed onto one single CD.....The Radiators From Space legendary 1977 ep with their demented "Psychotic Rtction" is here, as are great takes from The Makers, Teengenerate, Thee Gorgons, and the Trilobites......great set, again, indespensible.

OK one more for today, can't resist it. Musically, "Fuck You All!" doesn't EXACTLY fit this concept, but 24 blazing tracks with "FUCK" in the title can't be ALL bad right? Likely you already know the (ULTRA-GREAT) D-4's "Rock N Roll Motherfucker" and the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk To Fuck", Pantera, of all people turn up with "Fucking Hostile", and of course Turbonegro''s jaw dropping "Don't say Motherfucker Motherfucker" (check my epic Turbonegro post if it's still there)....it doesn't EXACTLY work as a per-se Garage Punk set, but know what? "FUCK YOU ALL!" I fucking love it.......

That is it for today......tomorrow, some more great comps from the INTERNET LEGEND that is Katrakyla......hope you are out there somewhere bro, and I hope all is well, and hopefully a whole new group of music lovers is about to get hip to your style of programming, music, and wondersome sense of humor. Peace always, love you Bro!

Never again will there be a mention of the non-person on this site, I assume that is Ok with everyone!

THE BEAVERS-Nancy You're a Square/02 THE BEAVERS-Don't Leave Me/03 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Black Cherry/04 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Female Race/05 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Professional Girl/06 ELEMENT '79-My Love/07 ELEMENT '79-Hey/08 ELEMENT '79-Throw Em Down/09 ELEMENT '79-She Can't Hide/10 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Burning Bed/11 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Bad Little Woman/12 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Let the Kids Dance/13 EXLODING WHITE MICE-Pipeline/14 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Your Claws/15 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Dangerous/16 GREEN TELESCOPE-Face In a Crowd/17 GREEN TELESCOPE-Thoughts of a Madman/18 HUMPERS-Hey Shadow/19 HUMPERS-Insect Liberation/20 HUMPERS-Cops and Robbers/21 HUMPERS-Black Cats/22 HUMPERS-Dead Last/23 HUMPERS-Super Power/24 KWYET KINGS-Don't Doubt Love/25 KWYET KINGS-Open  Up Your Door/26 MAKERS-I Can't Stand It/27 MAKERS-The Mantis/28 MAKERS-Nobody Gonna Break My Soul

TRASH ATTACK BY KATRAKYLA-01 THE MAKERS-Can't Stand It/02 CYBERMEN-Every Day and Night/03 HUMPERS-Psycho Repairman/04 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Door To Door Maniac/05 FLAKES-I'm Movin On/06 THEE GORGONS-He's Waitin/07 THE MUMMIES-She Lied/08 BUFF MEDWAYS-You Piss Me Off/09 THE BLACKS-Goin Nowhere/10 GAUNT-Ohio (Split Single Vers)/11 INFERNOS-Alley Cat/12 TEENGENERATE-Bloody Belgium/13 DIRTY NEEDLES-Justine's a Junkie/14 THEE GORGONS-Dig!/15 THE DRAGS-Allergic Reaction/16 HAVOX-Willie The Wild One/17 SPACESHITS-Gotta Get It Back/18 HEARTACHES-Rock N Roll UFO/19 SPIDER BABIES-Kick Down the Door/21 BASEBALL FURIES-Bow To Me/22 DIRTYS-Drivin Like a Jerk/23 HUNCHES-Got Some Hate/24 KA-NAVES-Let's Dance/25 JEWWS-Love In a Pill

COMES TROUBLE" EP-01 I Can't Stand it/02 The Mantis/03 Nobody Gonna Break My Soul/TRACKS 04-05 RADIATORS FROM SPACE 1977 EP-04 Enemies/05 Psychotic Reaction/TRACKS 06-09 TEENGENERATE-CAR CRAZY SPEED CRAZY-06 Dirty Robber/07 What a Girl Can't Do/08 Big House/09 Don't Close to Me/TRACKS 10-11 THE GORGONS-NUMBER ONE EP-10 He's Waiting/11 I Can't Be True/TRACKS 12-13 THE TRIBOLITES-VENUS IN LEATHER EP-12 Amphtamine Dream/13 Venus In Leather

FUCK YOU ALL! BY KATRAKYLA-01 AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY-Fuck the System02 BELRAYS-Stupid Fuckin People/03 BORED-Motherfuckin Motherfucker/04 COSMIC PSYCHO-Hooray Fuck/05 THE D4-Rock N Roll Motherfucker/06 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Too Drunk To Fck/07 DOA-Fucked Up Baby/08 THE GERMS-Fuck You/09 HERMANO-Quite Fucked/10 LEAVING TRAINS-Fuck You God/11 MONDO GENERATOR-Fuck You I'm Free/12 MOTOSERRA-F.U.C.K./13 MUDHONEY-Flat Out Fucked/14 NASHVILLE PUSSY-Go Motherfucker Go/15 PANTERA-Fuking Hostile/16 PARTISIANS-I Don't Give a Fuck/17 PENNYWISE-Fuck Authority/18 QUADROJETS-Bad Motherfuckin Bitch/19 RIOT SQ-Fuck the Tories/20 SUPERSUCKERS-I Say Fuck/21 TEN FOOT FACES-Sand Fuck/22 THEE HEADCOATEES-I've Been Fuking Your Daughter and Pissing On Your Lawn/23 TURBONEGRO-Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker/24 ZEKE-Fuck All Might.

I Got at least 3 more days of Katrakyla's brilliance, he ranks with ChrisGoes, Gyro and Ryp,
Fuzzface, Chocoreve, and so many more that make this sad excuse for a blog a possibility.

While I have your attention, let me apologize to all of you for even responding to, and trying to make fun of, the nonperson......I just cannot STAND stupid people, I know, I know, they are a fact of life, but GOOD LORD.....the guy just wanted to BITCH AND NOTHING ELSE....no logic, no discussion, no debate, just concerns over the size of my penis......what a clueless, clueless individual.....hopefully, he doesn't bother us anymore and we can get back to what this is SUPPOSED to be about....the SHARING, between music lovers, of music in order to get our collections to the level of perfection for which we all strive.

COMMENT........YOU GUYS ARE MY LIFE BLOOD. I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING HERE, AND FOR ONE IDIOT TO SIMPLY BE TOO CLUELESS AS TO UNDERSTAND, WELL, ANYTHING.......I KNOW, I KNOW, THEY ARE OUT THERE.....they are NOT the reason for this . You guys are, you guys who share and help ME out and contribute and comment.....YOU GUYS are who this is for, you guys all over the world. I love you guys, really I do, and thanks for EVERYTHING you do.

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