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The Bizarre and Wonderful "Fuzzface" set

A classic internet-only set from the once (and always) great "Fuzzface" blog......the last couple of
posts with all that great modern day garage-rock and retro shit got me thinking of this set. VERY strangely numbered, Volumes 1-6 are single disc, Volume 7 is 2 Discs, Volume 8 is NINE (!) discs, and Volume 9 is yet another single disc. WHY? Not a fucking clue, but this is a great set too, maybe not quite as good as "Fathers and Sons" due to that set's wonderful progrmming and construction, but these discs contain some unbeleiveably great and obscure music. To the best of my knowledge, it is no longer avaialable anywhere except from those of us who grabbed it at the time, this is a second chance for some, so PLEASE don't miss it!

OK, I guess I'll do Volumes 1-7 today and Volumes 8-9 tomorrow......that's  eight discs total for today, guys, this really IS a bit work,  doing this much bulk at a time, (most blogs, I'm sure you are aware, give you but a disc a day, if that.....) I enjoy doing this, but please, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THESE SETS, especially a terrific and hard to locate set such as this!

So, Volume 1 "Punk Rock".....I get the idea that these were created by some cool guy maybe living in his parent's basement, sort of making mix-tapes (CD's) for his own partying use....."Punk Rock" couldn't be more general, but that is indeed what we're getting here!....a somewhat rare Clash track ("Sex Man Roar"), the Ramones
"Spiderman" (WOULD BE rare if I didn't just give it to ya on the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" disc last week or so!).... how's about a duet betwixt Dee Dee Ramone and Lux Interior ("Bad Horoscope")? Jayne/Wayne County & the Electric Chairs rarely turn up on these comps, points for that......the wonderful cover of "Little Honda" by the criminally overlooked Demonics. The great "Do the Boob" by the Real Kids......"School Days", one of the Runaway's best...and also stuff from Crazyhead, The Stukas, Shampoo......off to a fantastic start, this set!

Volume 2 is entitled "Garage Rock Internacional"
and lives up to its name as well....a near-perfect collection of retro-60's bands, Chesterfield Kings, Pandoras, Fleshtones, Fuzztones, the great Miracle Workers, even a track from Sky Saxon ("Barbie Doll Look")......and that's about the half of it. Volume 3 ("Garage Rock Nacional 1980-2003") is a lot of great stuff less familiar to those of us in the US (I have no idea where Fuzzface originated from), "Insanity" by the Pissmakers, Doctor Explosion's take on "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"), "Drinkin' Blood" by Screamin Pijas, unknown stuff (to us Yanks at least) from the Rock-A-Hulas, Sex Museum, Los Macana......and again, that's about the half of it.

Volume 4 is "Garage Rock Internacional II", more greats such as "Slave Girl" from the Lime Spiders, "In Her Life" by the phenominal Yard Trauma, The Tell Tale Hearts, The Stomachmouths, Cavemanish Boys.......fantastic shit here guys, do not miss it. Volume 5 "Revival Garage Internaciol 2" (?), Lordy me, the utter greatness just keeps coming. The great Swingin Neckbreakers ("Help Wanted"), The Brood (another of my personal faves), Pandoras, Fuzztones, The Maggots.....no need to just make a list, each of these discs is about as close to
OUT AND OUT PERFECTION as one could possibly get.

Volume 6? "Punk Nacional"....lotsa foreign language (to ME) stuff, and you know I love non-English rock, well, just off the cuff, how about some from Familia Real, KGB, Commando 9mm, Kangrena.....don't think I'd ever heard a single track on this disc prior to hearing it, and it is one of my favorite discs in this wonderful set.

OK, now Volume 7 is TWO discs, ("Revival
Garage Nacional 1" and "Revival Garage Nacional 2") a bunch of tracks on the second disc are referred to ONLY AS "Bonus Track", no titles OR Artists given, OK by me, cause the rest of the disc is filled out with Nikki & the Corvettes (LOVE YA NIKKI!), Thee Headcoatees, Suzy Quatro (!), the Pandoras, Teen Machine and more. The other Volume 7 disc is loaded with lots of obscure shit, Los Buges, The Smutmen, Undershakers, RC Druids.....I could go on and on, and I have, but this set is as goddamn good in it's own way as the "Fathers and Sons" sets are.
DON'T miss your chance to get them, they are fantastic and you'll be sorry if you miss them. Be back tomorrow with the rest of em and you're going to LOVE those as well.......PLEASE comment and let me know your thoughts on these recent "giant" comps, are they worth all the work? I'd like to think/hope so, I hope SOMEONE out there loves them as much as do I!

VOLUME 1-01 THE STUKAS-Klean Living
Kids/02 GENERATION X-Your Generation/03 THE ANGELS-Dogs Are Talking/04 THE CLASH-Sex Roar Man/05 THE RAMONES-Spiderman/06 CRAZYHEAD-Have Love Will Travel/07 THE RUNAWAYS-School Days/08 LUX INTERIOR & DEE DEE RAMONE-Bad Horoscope/09 L7-I Used to Love Him/10 THE REAL KIDS-Do the Boob/11
THE REVILLOS-Hippy Hippy Shake/12 JAYNE-WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELELCTRIC CHAIRS-Max's Kansas City/13 ROBERTO GORDON-Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die/14 DMZ-Mighty Idy/15 THE RICHIES-I Want to See Anymore/16 THE DEMONICS-Little Honda/17 RADIO BIRDMAN-New Race/18 FUZZTONES-I Never Know/19 FRED SCHNEIDER & THE SHAKE SOCIETY-Monster/20 SHAMPOO-Monster/21 SURFIN LUNGS-Monster

VOLUME 2-01 THE HEADLESS HORSEMEN-Can't Help But Shake/02 THE PANDORAS-You're All Talk/03 99TH FLOOR-Green City Hopper/04 THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Hey Little Bird/05 THE CREEPS-She's Gone/06 THE CYNICS-
Creepin/07 THE DEFECTORS-I Can't Do Another Mistake/08 THE FIENDS-Gravedigger/09 THE FLESHTONES-My Kinda Lovin'/The Crosroads are Comin'/10 THE GRAVEDIGGER V-The Ugly Child/11 THE GRUESOMES-Santa Claus/12 THE LYRES-How Do You Know/13 MIRACLE WORKERS-Love Has No Time/14 THE NOMADS-Lowdown Shakin Chills/15 THE OTHERS-Penis Between Us/16 THE PRIMATES-I Go  Ape/17 THE SOUND EXPLOSION-Inspector Closeau/In Outer Limits/State of Mind/18 SKY SAXON-Barbie  Doll Look/19 THE VIPERS-Medication/20 THE FUZZTONES-Actions Speak Louder Than Words/21 THE FLESHTONES-Ammerican Beat 84/22 THE GRUESOMES-I Need You/23 BARBARELLAS-Giant Godzilla/24 THE UNDERTAKERS-Re-Explore Your Mind

VOLUME 3-THE FURTIVOS-No Puedo Aguantara Mas/02 LOS FOSSILES-Nena/03 THE PISSMAKERS-Insanity/04 THE NATIVOS-Nightime/05 NEGATIVOS-Moscar Y Aranas/06 RC DRUIDS-In the City/07 SCREAMIN PIJAS-Drinkin BLood/08 LOS NADA-Carino/09 DEPARTMENTO 8-The Crusher/10 MOSCARDONES-Viaje Salvaje/11 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/12 SEX MUSEUM-You/13 LOS IMPOSIBLES-Chica Imposible/14 FUMESTONES-You Never Know/15 ROCK A HULAS-Soraya Lou/16 THE RESCUERS-Shakn Around/17 GRAVESTONES-You Are Lyin/18 LARTIJA NICK-I Had Too Much TO Dream/19 BRIGHTON 64-La Casa De La Bomba/20 LOS MACNA-Radio Go/21 THE FUZZONES-Romilar D (En Castellano)/22 LOS MACANA-Johnny Goose/23 LOS MACNA-Dr Raspberry

THANES-Now It's Your Turn To Cry/04 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-No Surprise/05 THE ACE-TONES-Bad Woman/06 THE STOMACHMOUTHS-I'm Going Away/07 THE HUNCHMEN-Lost and Found/08 THE LIME SPIDERS-Slave Girl/09 CAVEMANISH BOYS-Outta Site Outta Mind/10 THE MONSTERS-The Other Man/11 THE SATELITTERS-Shadows of You/12 THE
SHOUTLESS-Baby Come On/13 SINISTER SIX-Hey Man/14 TEE & THE CRUMPETS-You Got What You Wanted/15 TINA PEEL-The Witch/16 YARD TRAUMA-In Her Life/17 SIGHTS-Hey Girl/18 THE KARTOONS-Better Be Alone/19 THE UNDERTAKERS-Why/20 THE FUZZTONES-Heathen Set/21 THE LYRES-Busy Body/22 FUZZTONES-The People In Me/23 THE CYNICS-I Don't Need You/24 THE FRANTIC FIVE-Hang Up!

VOLUME 5-01 THE MASONICS-I Know Where You Are Going/02 THE WYLD MAMMOTHS-THings That Matter/03 THE OUTTA PLACE-Don't Crowd Me/04 THE HOODS-I Wander Around/05 COLOR ME PSYCHO-Black Corvair/06 DUKESOF HAMBURG-Hey Joe/07THE ULTRA 5-White Trash/08 THE BROOD-Party Crashin/09 THE OFFHOOKS-Heartbreaking Girl/10 SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS-Help Wanted/11 THE CYNICS-Goin Away/12 THE M-EIGHTYS-Untrue/13 THE DISTURBED-Are You Alien/14 THE MAGGOTS-Uh! Uh! The Bigger The Better/15 THE MYSTREATED-Don't Be Led/16 DOD  THE RODS-You Are Gonna Miss Me/17 THE LINKERS-Way It's Gonna Be/18 SHUTDOWN 66-Bad Bad Bad Girl!/19 THE
NEANDERTHALS-Lil Xke/20 THE FUZZTONES-Hurt On Hold/21 THE OTHERS-You Better Know Why!/22 THE GREENHORNES-Loving In the Sun/23 THE PANDORAS-Hot Generation/24 THE FUZZTONES-Be a Caveman/25 THE HOODS-Stupidity

VOLUME 6-01 INTERTERROR-Adios Lli Marlen/02 LAS VULPES-Inkisicion/03 FARMACIA DE GUARDIA-Bronca Callejera/04 FAMILA REAL-Destruye/05 CODIGO NEUROTICO-Quema Tanques/06 ESQUELETOS-Solo Necisito Un Poco De Diversion/07 ESPASMODICOS-Enciendes Tu Motor/08 LA RESISTENCIA-Ls Rosas Rojas de Mayo/09 TNT-Deberias Tener Cuidado/10 PVP-Ah Ah Ah/11 ZOQUILLOS-Kung Fu Cowboy/12 BASURA-No Seas Lesbiana Mi Amor/13 PUNK CITY-Punk City/14 LA BROMA DE SATAN-Terrorismo Autorizado/15 ULTIMO RESORTE-Johny Mofeta/16 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL-Konsspiracion/17 KANGRENA-No Se Que Me Pasa/18KGB-Treblinka/19 GARAGE-Matanza de una Noche de Verano/20 O.X. POW-Esperando en la calle/21 MG 15-Derecho a la Vida/22 COMMMANDO 9 MM-Bailando Pogo/23 LA UV-Merete/24 TDK-La Senda de los Elefantes/25 PBNSK-Ven Y Unete a la Muerte/26 TOREROS AFTER OLE-Asesinos/27 LARSEN-El Payaso/28 DESECHABLES-Es Peligroso/29 TOREROS AFTER OLE-Payaso

VOLUME 7 (DISC 1)-01 LOS 5 IBERICOS-Todo Nos Sonrie/02 LOS NEGATIVOS-Bagdad/03 RC
DRUIDS-Stuck in the Middle With You/04 LOS IMPOSIBLES-Bye Bye Peqena/05 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-El Bugulu/06 LOS POTROS-Little Girl/07 SCREAMIN PIJAS-Side By Side/08 LOS BUGES-Come and Get It/09 FLASHBACK FIVE-Ugly Thing/10 THE RESCUERS-Don't Keep the Shock/11 THE SMUTMEN-Down to the Server/12 UNDERSHAKERS-Criminal Girl/13 THE CHARADES-You Better Run/14 LOS FOSSILES-I Got My Baby/15 AGENTES SECRETOS-Un Ser Extrano/16  LOS CONTENTOS-Dirty Noise/17 FUMESTONES-Self Satisfaction/18 SEX MUSEUM-Where I Belong/19 LOS MACANA-Airless

VOLUME 7 (DISC 2)-01 THE FURITVOS-Bajo Control/02 LOS NUGGETS-Never Trusted
You/03 GOLDEN SLUMBERS-Maldita/04 BONUS TRACK/05 BONUS TRACK/06 BONUS TRACK/07 BONUS TRACK/08 BONUS TRACK/09 BONUS TRACK-(MINI CD NENAS)-10  NIKKI & THE CORVETTES-Gimme Gimme (I'll give you ANYTHING you want Nikki, long as you GIMME some of that fine (_!_)......)/11 VOLADORAS-He Is Mine/12 THEE HEADCOATEES-My Boyfriend's Learning Karate/13 TEEN MACHINE-Schools Over/14 SUZY QUATRO-48 Crash/15 REVILLOS-Where Is the Boy For Me/16 THE PANDORAS-I Didn't Cry

This is an amazing and unique set, PLEASE offer up lots of opinions on it......I'm thinking I'm starting to "feel" a deluge of latter-day garage/retro rock, feeling it pretty hard right now, IS IT A GOOD IDEA OR NOT? 

Be back tomorrow witht he second half of this great and bizarrly numbered set!

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