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MY hippy Mom loved this guy, i like some of it......Donovan was very much the Hippie but I i send this disc, this is pretty good, and listen to 'Hurdy gurdy man" or "Atlanis" and more.....the seeds of stoner rock......god album. please share opinions.

1."London Town" (previously unreleased song from Donovan's 1964 demo tape, later released on Sixty Four)Tim Hardin04:05
2."Codine" (previously unreleased song from Donovan's 1964 demo tape, later released on Sixty Four)Buffy Sainte-Marie04:47
3."Catch the Wind(from What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid, released 14 May 1965) 02:53
4."Universal Soldier(from Universal Soldier, released 15 August 1965)Buffy Sainte-Marie02:11
5."Colours(from Fairytale, released 22 October 1965) 02:43
6."Sunshine Superman(from Sunshine Superman, released September 1966) 03:14
7."Season of the Witch" (from Sunshine Superman) 04:55
8."The Trip" (from Sunshine Superman) 04:34
9."Guinevere" (from Sunshine Superman) 03:41
10."Breezes of Patchulie" (previously unreleased song from the Sunshine Supermansessions) 04:34
11."Museum" (previously unreleased alternate version of the Mellow Yellow track from theSunshine Superman sessions) 02:51
12."Super Lungs" (previously unreleased alternate version of the Barabajagal track from the Sunshine Superman sessions) 03:16
13."Mellow Yellow(singe A-side, released Nov 1966) 03:40
14."Writer in the Sun" (from Mellow Yellow) 04:28
15."Sand and Foam" (from Mellow Yellow) 03:18
16."Sunny South Kensington" (from Mellow Yellow) 03:47
17."Epistle to Dippy" (from Epistle to Dippy / Preachin' Love, released February 1967) 03:09
18."There Is a Mountain" (from There Is a Mountain / Sand and Foam, released August 1967) 02:33
19."Wear Your Love Like Heaven" (from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden, released December 1967) 02:24
20."Oh Gosh" (from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden) 01:45
21."The Tinker and the Crab" (from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden) 02:52
22."Poor Cow" (from Jennifer Juniper / Poor Cow, released February 1968) 02:57
All tracks written by Donovan Leitch.
Disk Two
1."The Hurdy Gurdy Man(1968 single)03:13
2."Jennifer Juniper" (from The Hurdy Gurdy Man)02:40
3."Teen Angel" (from "Hurdy Gurdy Man" / "Teen Angel", released May 1968)02:17
4."Laléna(from "Laléna" / "Aye My Love", released October 1968)02:56
5."To Susan On The West Coast Waiting" (from Barabajagal, released 11 August 1969)03:11
6."Atlantis(from Barabajagal)05:00
7."Barabajagal" (from Barabajagal)03:18
8."Happiness Runs" (from Barabajagal)03:25
9."Celia of the Seals" (from H.M.S. Donovan, released July 1971)02:59
10."Riki Tiki Tavi" (previously unreleased version from Open Road, released August 1970)02:56
11."Clara Clairvoyant" (from Open Road)02:50
12."Roots of Oak" (from Open Road)05:03
13."Riki Tiki Tavi(alternate version of the Open Road track)04:42
14."Maria Magenta" (from Cosmic Wheels, released March 1973)02:11
15."Cosmic Wheels" (from Cosmic Wheels)04:01
16."I Like You" (single version of Cosmic Wheels track)04:34
17."Yellow Star" (from Essence to Essence, released December 1973)03:04
18."Rock and Roll Souljer" (from 7-Tease, released November 1974)03:49
19."The Quest" (from 7-Tease)03:30
20."Age of Treason" (previously unreleased song from the 7-Tease sessions)04:20
21."What the Soul Desires" (previously unreleased song from the 7-Tease sessions)02:33
22."Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel" (from Slow Down World, released May 1976)03:47

DISC 1 - http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/dBiVmZ4u/file.html


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