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(GREAT set) Fathers and Sons of Garage Punk (part 1)

I took these a couple years back from the now defunct (I think) site "Fuck the Mummies", a quite a
fine undertaking, chronologically tracking the genre fro 1963 (!) to present......lots of stuff you may not have heard before from one era or the other, and anyway, the construction of the set makes it a worthwhile listening AND learning experience. As it IS "garage punk", some of it will tend to be a bit on the "amatuerish" side, so I hope know one gets offended, you never know when there might be a pouting, sulking Scott Andridge out there, ruler in hand, ready to measure the penis of ANYONE who dares refer to garage punk acts as "sloppy" or "amatuerish".......the world is a much sadder place since this vision of terror "Scott Andridge" revealed to me that he wants to "meet up with me".....imagine the sleepless nights!

Anyway, we got twelve discs here, what say we start at "1" and go through 6 tonight, the older stuff, and tomorrow we'll get to the more modern tunes......as I said, I think most of you will want this, it's a fine example of how a comp CAN BE constructed both as a listening experience AND as a chronological learning experience where you can actually "watch" the genre change and evolve. Really, this is a GREAT set, you'll want to check this one out!

Disc 1.....THIRTY FOUR (yep) tracks, from the late 1950's-early 60's......It's called "Raw Rockabilly" and lives up to that name...rockabilly being a logical ancestor to the garage punk which would come along later. some of the stuff here is ahead of their times......check Johnny Dollar's "Action Packed", Hasil Adkins "She Said", "Slow Down" by Doug Sham.....chances ar probably know Link Wray's "Rumble" which fits in perfectly here.....the absolute highlight is the last track from Bob McFadden, "Beat Generation".....if you've never heard this, be amazed, Richard Hell basically rewrote it as
"BlanK Generation", you will be amazed if this is new to you! It's great and it is HISTORY. I love this disc, there are fantastic seeds of the music we would grow to love all over it. PLEASE discuss/comment, this could be VERY interesting!

As we morph on to disc 2, the names and songs get to be a bit familiar, as a genuine "garage punk" scene was actually formulating.......leading off is the Tamrons "Wild Man" (very common and for whatever the reason I always hated it), and a lot of this is stuff which WILL overlap some of our earlier comps......The Seeds "Pushin' Too Hard" appears, and what a GREAT SONG! The drumming is a bit sloppy/amatuerish, but that could be due to the drummer worrying about his demon-spawn son or something like that.......We get "Cinderella" by the Sonics (not their normal comp contribution), the great "Complication" from the Monks, Human Beinz "Nobody But Me" (FUN FACT: "Nobody But Me" contains the words "No" 113 times in 2:16......the word "Nobody" is also used 46 times.....to balance things out, they do toss in the word "yeah" once)....overall the disc is a little too obvious due to overlap with the many other comps of this era, but they really HAD TO DO IT this way.......plus there are some somewhat rarer tracks to keep us interested.....William the Wild One, The Rats, Outspoken Blues, The Sloths......it's a necessary step in the transition.

As we get to volume three, the focus is on the 1970's, whose garage punk has not been nearly
anthologized as much as that of the previous decade. Pleasant surprise is "Bored" by Destroy All Monsters (on whom I did a full post once), and The Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog" appears (sorry, Stooges post just the other day, lack of planning?)....other than that though.....great stuff from Death, Little Killlers, DMZ, The Up, Crime ("Piss on Your Dog"), Flesh Eaters, Rocket From the Tombs, and so much more......this is a MUCH more essential set than 2, I would think you'd want em all.

Volume 4 features stuff ranging from the 1980's to present day, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Cramps (couple tracks), Reverend Horton Heat, and of course, Reverend Beat Man the Un-Believers with the delicately titled "Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord" (geez I hope I'm not struck down jut for TYPING it!).....loaded, loaded with good and rare stuff,essential as well as the othres!

Volume 5 features some incredibly great bands, Lyres,Lime Spiders, Chesterfield Kings, Pandoras, Fuzztones, Thee Mighty Caesars,'s, a fave of mine, the Swingin Neckbreakers......loaded, simply loaded, those are just the "big names", what of King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones, The Shitbirds, Fortune& and the Fabulous Pallbeaerers......how can this POSSIBLY be any better?

The Sixth Volume, and the final one for today, focuses on modern stuff, as do, frankly, all of the
remaining (tomorrow's) discs......I think it's perfect, keeping the way over-comped 60's stuff to a minimum, but still telling the story! Volume 6 treats us to The Vivian Girls, Black Lips, Exploding Hearts, and a whole spate of unknown giants: King Khan & the Shrines, Hunx & His Pun, Nobunny, Clorox Girls......LOTS more.....this is a wonderful set, you owe it to yourself to grab this one. See ya tomorrow with the other half, you won't be disappointed!

RALPH NIELSEN & THE CHANCELLORS-Scream/03 BUNKER HILL-The Girl Can'tm Dance/04 DON WILLIS-Boppin High School Baby/05 MICKEY HAWKS-Bip Bop Boom/06 JIM FRIIS & THE VALIANTS-Bop a Lena/07 TERRY CLEMENT & THE TUNE TONES-She's My Baby Doll/08 JOHNNY DOLLAR-Action Packed/09 PICO PETE-Chicken Little/10 MYRON LEE & THE CADDIES-Homicide/11 RAY HARRIS-Come On Little Mama/12 BOB CENTER-Lost In the Jungle/13 BILLY SMITH-Tell Me Baby/14 DARRELL FELTS-Too Much Lovin' (Goin' On)/15 JACK STARR-My Love For You Is Petrified/.16 HASIL ADKINS-She Said/17 MORTY SHANN & THE MORTICIANS-Red Headed Woman/18 JIMMY WAGES-Take Me (Garden of Evil)/19 THE MUSICAL LINN TWINS-Rockin Out the Blues/20 MEL SMITH & THE NITE RIDERS-Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)/21 POLK DOT SLIM-A Thing You Gotta Face/22 THE FRANTICS FOUR-TV Mama/23 JACK STARR-My Baby Don't Care/24 TYRONE SCHMIDLING-You're Gone I'm Left/25 THE SWANKS-Ghost Train/26 DOUG SAHM-Slow Down/27 RON THOMPSON-Switchblade/28 RHYTHM ROCKERS-Madness/29 THE SACRLETS-Stampede/30 LINK WRAY-Rumble/31 DAVE 'DIDDLE' DAY-Blue Moon Baby/32 FREDDIE & THE HITCHHIKERS-Sinners/33 LORD LUTHER-(I Was a ) Teenage Creature)/34 BOB MCADDEN -The Beat Generatin

VOLUME 2-01 TAMRONS-Wild Man/02 THE SLOTHS-Makin Love/03 THE BENDERS-Can't Tame Me/04 THE WORLOCKS-I Love You/05 THE JESTERS OF NEWPORT-Stormy/06 THE OUTCASTS-1523 Blair/07 THE KEGGS-To Find Out/08 RANDY ALVEY & THE GREEN FUZ-Green Fuz/09 THE ALARM CLOCKS-No Reason to Complain/10 THE DECADES-C'Mon Pretty Baby/11 THE RATS-The Rat's Revenge (Part 1)/12 THE MODS-You Got Another Thing Coming/13 ADIAN LLOYD-Lorna/14 THE GROOP-Alright!/15 THE CHOB-We're Pretty Quick/16 THE HUNS-Shakedown/17 THE SONICS-Cinderella/18 THE SEEDS-Pushin Too Hard/19 WILLIAM THE WILD ONE-(They Call Me) Willie the Wild One/20 THE ELITE UFO-Now Who's Good Enough/21 ROY JUNIOR-Victims of Circumstances/22 THE HUMAN BEINZ-Nobody But Me/23 THE MONKS-Complication/24 THE ELECTRAS-Action Woman/25 THE TIKIS-Show Your Love/26 OUTSPOKEN BLUES-Not Right Now/27 THE BEAUX JENS-She Was Mine/28 THE CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/29
FIGURES OF LIGHT-I Jes Wanna Go To Bed/30 SHE-Outta Reach/31 THINGS TO COME-Speak of the Devil

VOLUME 3-01 SIMPLY SAUCER-Electro Rock/02 THE ELECTRIC EELS-Bunnies/03 ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS-Ain't It Fun/04 EASER MONKEYS-My Baby Digs Graves/05 THE FLESH EATERS-See You In the Boneyard/06 CRIME-Piss On Your Dog/07 THE ELECTRIC EELS-Refrigerator/08 TOKYO ELECTRON-When You Hear Me/09 TYRADES-I Am Homicide/10 DMZ-Don't Jump Me Mother/11 THE STOOGES-I Wanna Be Your Dog/12 DESTROY ALL MONSTERS-Bored/13 THE UP-Hassan I Sabbah/14 GEORGE BRIGMAN-Jungle Rot/15 THE LITTLE KILLERS-99 Cents/16 THE MIRRORS-Frustration/17 KARATE PARTY-Masters of teh Donut Room/18 THE DRILLS-Skate Tough/19 ILDJARN-Dark December/20 THE ELECTRIC EELS-Agitated/21 EASTER MONKEYS-Monkey See Monkey
Do/22 KARATE PARTY-She's Got Spawn/23 TYRADES-He's So Popular/24 DEATH-Freakin' Out/25 FIGURES OF LIGHT-It's Lame

VOLUME 4-01 THE CRAMPS-I Was a eenage Werewolf/02 THE SPECTRES-Hot Rod Hearse/03 BATMOBILE-TNT/04 SHERRIFF PERKINS-Black Bowtie/05 THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY-Shadow of a Tiger/06 SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS-I Dig Tunnels/07 THE #3-D INVISBLES-Friday the 13th/08 DEJA VOODOO-Cemetery/09 THE METEORS-I Ain't Ready/10 BATMOBILE-Can't Find My Way Back Home/11 THE A-BONES-Sham Rock/12 THE ZANTEES-I Need a Man/13 CRAMPS-Aloha From Hell/14 DEJA VOODOO-Skeleton at My Party/15 BLOODHOT BILL & HIS BLUECAPS-Can't Go On Livin/16 TAV FALCOS PANTHER BURNS-Hey School Baby/17 SLIM SANDY-No Gasoline/18 THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY-Paralyzed '80's/19 REVERENED BEAT-MAN & THE UNBELEIVERS-Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord/20
MISSISSIPPI GROVER-I'm Buried Alive/21 THE CANNIBALS-Light Bulb BLues/22 THE STING-RAYS-Don't Break Down/23 TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS-River of Love/24 THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT-The DEvil's Chasing Me/25 THE WOLFMEN-I Don't Want No One/26 THE ZOMBIE SURFERS-Pitchfork/27 THE HELLBENDERS-The Big Gundown/28 THE MILKSHAKES-Shed Country

of Love/02 THE MILKSHAKES-She'll Be Mine/03 THE BARRACUDAS-Next Time Around/04 LIME SPIDERS-Slave Girl/05 LYRES-Don't Give It Up Now/06 THE FUZZTONES-Ward 81/07 THE PANDORAS-You Lie/08 THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Green Eyed Woman/09 THE DEL-MONAS-Hello I Love You/10 THE MOD FUN-I Believe/11 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-Won't Need Yours/12 DWARVES-In and Out/13 THE CREEPS-Down at The Nightclub/14 THE STING-RAYS-June Rhyme/15 THE GRUESOMES-Outta My Mind/16 THE ORIGINAL SINS-The Party's Over Now/17 KING USZNIEWICZ & HIS USZIEWICZTONES-Wild Little Willie/18 THE CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/19 THEE MIGHTY CAESARS-Baby Who Mutilated Everybody's Heart/20 THEE HEADCOATEES-No Way Out/21 THE MUMMIES-That Girl/22 THE'S-Scream/23 THE SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS-I Live For Buzz/24 THE MAKERS-I'm Hurt/25 THE SHITBIRDS-You Said That/26 APRIL MARCH AND THE MAKERS-Sometimes Sometimes/27 FORTUNE MALLTESE AND THE PHABULOUS PALLBEARERS-I Just Don't Care/28 THE SATELLITERS-Make Up My Mind

VOLUME 6-01 LES PEYOTES-Satanic Rite/02 THE TRADITIONAL FOOLS-Layback!!!/03 BAD SPORTS-Ooh Ooh Ooh/04 VIVIAN GIRLS-Never See Me Again/05 THE SPREAD EAGLES-Up Too High/06 BLACK LIPS-Sea of Blasphemey (Live)/07 HARLEM-Psychedelic Tits/08 THE STRANGE BOYS-Woe Is You And Me/09 KING KHAN & THE SHRINES-I See Lights/10 THE RANTOULS-Little Green Hat/11 LOVE BOAT-Frankie Shampoo!/12 PIPSQUEAK!-My Love's Like a Horse UNtamed/13 NOBUNNY-I Am a Girlfriend/14 UNX & HIS PUNX-Movin On/15 CHEAP TIME-Glitter & Gold/16 TUFF BANANAS-Nitetime (Sha-La-La-La-ooh)/17 THE INTELLECTUALS-Go To The Beach With the Cinnamon Girl/18 NODZZZ-True To Life/19 THE OKMONIKS-Teenage Timebomb/20 THE KING KHAN & BBQ SHW-Tastebuds/21 LOVER!-My Michelle/22 APACHE-Crystal Clear/23 FE FI FO FUMS-Don't Bite Me Baby, I Got the Boom
Boom In My Blood/24 BARE WIRES-Artiificial Clouds/25 CLOROX GIRLS-Flowers of Evil/26 SONIC AVENUES-Hiding From You/27 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-THorns In Roses/28 THE SAUCY JACKS-Can't Say ANything/29 THOMAS FUNCTION-Snake in the Grass/30 THE ORIGINAL SINS-Red Wine/31 REIGNING SOUND-Time Bomb High School

OK, guys that is a COMPILATION in all caps.......actually it's only HALF of one, the rest tomorrow......trust me on this it is VERY IMPRESSIVE and if this is your thing YOU WANT THIS, take it from BigScott62, the world's #2 evaluator of music (after the legend that is Scott

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