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Riot Squad

From Mansfield England, Riot Squad cranked out some mid-range politically charged punk in the early
1980's.......made up of singer Duncan Mason, guitarist Nigel Nelson, and drummer Paul Palmer gave life to a handful of singles and a couple albums, for the most part collected here on "The Complete Punk Collection"...reminiscent, maybe most, of Sham 69, both musically and conceptually, this is mostly for fans of the genre (early 80's UK punk.....NOTHING wrong with that being one's genre of choice!)


1Fuck The Tories
2We Are The Riot Squad
3Civil Destruction
4Riots In The City
5Why Should We
6Religion Doesn't Mean A Thing
7Lost Cause
9Unite And Fight
10Police Power
11Society's Fodder
12In The Future
13Friday Night Hero
14There Ain't No Solution
15Government Schemes
16No Potential Threat
17Ten Years Time
18Hate The Law
19Hidden Fear
20Lost Cause (Demo)
21Unite And Fight (Demo)

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