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1993 Alice in Chains Boot

Decent Sounding effort from Alice In Chains right about their peak, right around the "Dirt" album from which this show liberally borrows.......the set list online doesn't seem to match the actual performance, so perhaps the date or locale is wrong as well......I have it as Nottingham 2/23/93, but mislabeling boots has never been uncommon.......so here's the online set-list, almost sure it's at least part wrong, so if this is a different show, someone hopefully can educate us on that.

  1. Dam The River
  2. We Die Young
  3. Them Bones
  4. Would?
  5. Rooster
  6. Junkhead
  7. Godsmack
  8. Bleed The Freak
  9. Put You Down
  10. Sickman
  11. It Ain't Like That
  12. Dirt
  13. Hate To Feel
  14. Angry Chair
  15. Man In The Box
  16. Rain When I Die
  17. Love, Hate, Love

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