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Dale Hawkins

Some killer swamp-rockabilly sent our way by John N, this comp is pretty much complete as it runs from
1956-2007.......you really want to hear this if you are a rockbilly fan, it's an important step in how we got to where we are now.

  1. Susie Q
  2. See You Soon Baboon
  3. Four Letter Word (Rock)
  4. Don't Treat Me This Way
  5. Number Nine Train
  6. Baby, Baby
  7. Mrs. Mergritory's Daughter
  8. Juanita
  9. Teenage Dolly
  10. Boogie Woogie Teenage Girl
  11. Tornado
  12. Sweetie Pie
  13. Little Pig
  14. La-Do-Dada
  15. Who Can Say
  16. My Babe
  17. Someday, One Day
  18. Take My Heart
  19. Liza Jane
  20. Wild Wild World
  21. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
  22. Gooblie Booblie
  23. Lifeguard Man
  24. Lulu
  25. Back To School Blues
  26. Caldonia
  27. Every Little Girl
  28. Linda
  29. Who
  30. Lovin' Bug
  31. One Dozen Roses
  32. I Want To Love You
  33. Liza Jane (alt)
  34. My Babe
  35. The Wind (bonus track)

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