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Some Live Bow Wow Wow

From 1983 we have a stereo simulcast of Bow Wow Wow's Boston gig 1/8/83......good sound, good performance too......only problem is a tape flip in "I Want Candy", but so it is with audience recordings....see what you think, I think this is a nice souvenier  of a long ago forgotten band......


01 - (stage introduction / Louis Quatorze) 3:46
02 - Roustabout 2:32
03 - Radio G String 3:18
04 - Do You Wanna Hold Me 2:59
05 - Rikki Dee 3:08
06 - Sexy Eiffel Tower 3:05
07 -LOVE Me 3:28
08 - Baby I'm Lost 2:31
09 - Golly! Golly! Go Buddy! 3:12
10 - Orang-outang [Instrumental] 2:50
11 - Giant Sized Baby Thing 2:34
12 - Mario 2:43
13 - Lonesome Tonight 2:52
14 - Elimination Dancing 3:05
15 - I Want Candy [end spliced, tape flip] 3:24
16 - Go Wild In The Country [cuts in] 2:43
17 - Prince Of Darkness 2:27
18 - C30, C60, C90, Go 3:26
19 - (encore break) 1:19
20 - What's The Time (Hey Buddy) 3:46
21 - Fools Rush In 2:37
22 - (closing credits) 1:57

Annabella Lwin: vocals - Mathew Ashman: guitar - Leigh Gorman: bass -DAVIDBarbarossa: drums

This is apparently WBCN's 1st live broadcast from the Channel, which was a rock club for years and host to many fine shows in boston. it is the whole show and being posted from my FM masterRECORDING, which had never been played for almost 28 years, since being recorded live over FM. some of "Adam and The Ants" are also in this group.

The lead singer was 16 years old at the time of this show. the radio announcer mentions that track 18 is sort of an anthem for home tapers and that this band is taper friendly. the first few seconds of track 16 (due to a tape flip) and the end of the closing radio credits are missing. all the other songs are complete. maybe a c-60 would have been better to avoid the cutin to track16, but who is to know before the show? I had never heard of this band before, and the radio DJ mentions this show being WBCN's 1st live broadcast from the Channel, which mainly hosted local bands who aren't really "big". this band wasn't around very long (began in 1981) and included some former members of "Adam and the Ants". -Or

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