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Buried Feather

Some more German stoner-psych from Fabio.....that's really all I know, that and it's new.....I'm gonna listen in a bit, here's a brief review:

Rollicking psych rockers Buried Feather are keen as mustard to be premiering their second record, Mind Of The Swarm, with theMusic.com.au today, four years on from their debut record in 2013.
The Melburnian trio's hypnotic newRECORD cements the band as a solid addition to Australia's burgeoning psych rock scene and we're giving you the shot to jump on the bandwagon nice and early.
The band are heading out on a big album tour from 11 February onwards, taking in aNUMBER of shows in Victoria and NSW and one in Adelaide.

Buried Feather - 2017 - Mind of the Swarm
"01. Would I Miss You"
"02. Dust"
"03. The Stranger"
"04. Mind of the Swarm"
"05. Sunshine"
"06. Endless C"
"07. Regular Creep"
"08. Screen Dreamer"
"09. Well Wishes"

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