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Couple more from Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

Fabio introduced some of us (me, at least) to this band in an earlier post, here are another pair of albums
from Uncle Acid & the Deabeats......the first one was quite well recieved, so it's my pleasure to post two more of them. First we have the imaginatively titled "Volume 1".......more old-school pre-stoner rock, they've heard a Sabbath album or two I can promise ya!

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Vol.1 
01-Crystal Spiders.mp3
02-Witches Garden.mp3
03-Dead Eyes Of London.mp3
04-Lonely And Strange.mp3
05-Vampire Circus.mp3
06-Do What Your Love Tells You.mp3
07-I Don't Know.mp3
08-Wind Up Toys.mp3

And secondly my man also submits a 2015 release, "The Night Creeper"......basically more of the same (a GOOD thing), 1970's riff rocking greatness......is this the whole catalogue? These guys have been one of those bands that seems to have made something of a dent with our readers.........

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - 2015 - The Night Creeper
01 - Waiting For Blood.mp3
02 - Murder Nights.mp3
03 - Downtown.mp3
04 - Pusher Man.mp3
05 - Yellow Moon.mp3
06 - Melody Lane.mp3
07 - The Night Creeper.mp3
08 - Inside.mp3
09 - Slow Death.mp3
10 - Black Motorcade.mp3

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