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Before I call it a day let me add a semi-unknown gem from my favorite era, those glorious early 70's......from
Good Ol' Michigan, USA we have the sole release from Kopperfield.....it's fucking great, this is yet ANOTHER example of the classic rock albums of that era that are virtually unknown today but are instrumental as building blocks for the heavy psych/stoner rock which was later to come. This is a 20 (!) track album with notably shorter songs than were fashionable at the time, but very imaginative, keyboard driven hard rock. I like this album quite a bit and always have, if it's new to you, please check it as I LOVE the hard rock of this era (as you well know by now!)

3Brain Rot4:39
4Watching The Time Go By4:32
5Nothing Left To Give4:57
6Truckin' On3:43
7Tales Untold3:32
8Magic In Your Mind3:23
9A Thousand Warriors2:58
10Wise Wan2:06
Bonus Tracks
12Can't Find My Wine6:23
13People Are Leaving4:10
14Red Neck3:14
15Gonna Get Stoned3:13
16Wake Up People4:31
17Jam It3:59
18Naked Tears2:30
19You Pulled The Lights Down3:20
20Katie Love6:53

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