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Biohazard B-Sides

Love me some Biohazard, hardcore caucasian "gangsta rock"? what else can I call it? They were unique in
their style, check their earlier work like "Wrong Side of the Tracks" or "howard Beach" and you will see exactly what I mean.....great stuff here for fans (like me), including a couple team-ups with Onyx, some demos, remixes, etc.......if you are a Biohazard fan, you'll want this one, if not, NOT really a good place to begin, sorry......I remember some critic once called them something like "the band which most seriously adapted gang philosophy/lifestyle into their music" something of an incredible statement considering NWA and and the like.......anyway, I really do like some Biohazard, they've been called "racists" but I see no real evidence, they are simply hardcore punk rockers.......they have teamed with many black rappers (See: Onyx), and some of their songs are about improving race relations......my fave will always be the brutal "Wrong Side of The Tracks" (NOT on this collection), but  they really DID have more depth than that.

1."Three Point Back"2:42
3."Sumptin' to Prove" (Demo)1:29
4."Slam(Bionyx remix, feat. Onyx)3:40
6."How It Is" (Remix)4:12
9."Judgment Night(feat. Onyx)4:36
11."Piece of Mind"2:45
12."Shades of Grey" (Demo)3:24
13."Punishment" (Demo)4:30

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