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But it's better than the factory.......

OK, let's get serious about this here thing. No more overlapping singles, I'm sure that two or three
versions of "Ready Steady Go" or whatever should be enough for ya. What I got today is what some of ya crave, and some of ya probably wanna run from, the legendary "Killed By Death-Rare Punk 1977-82" series.....they used a very "cute" numbering system so I THINK I have them all here, not, calling all friends......if you asked (couple people did) about more obscure shit, here ye be.......let us hear a comment or two, in this case I'd like to request a comment or two from so who HATES this set (quite possible)......I like readig that stuff WAY more than praise anyway (although of course I be liking the praise as well!)

OK, let's slip on Volume 1 and figure out that Devo and the B-52's won't be appearing here (NOT a dig at those bands, it's just that this is SO much more amatuerish as to be great!) Mad lead off with "I Hate Music", The Controllers give us "(The Original) Neutron Bomb", couple goodies from the Authorities, "Radiation Masturbation" and "I Hate Cop"......the Nuns give us their legendary "Decadent Jew", and best of all, of course are TWO seperate songs about the Hillside Strangler (!)....Hollywood Square's "Hillside Strangler" and The Molester's "(I'm the) Hillside Strangler.......

Well that was fun. That was just a warm up.
Volume 2 features a fab return from the Child Molesters "Don Worry Kyoko Mommy's Only Looking For Her Hand In the Snow"), Chain Gang give us et another serial killer song ("Son of Sam"), while the Mentally Ill treat us to yet another serial liller song, "Gacy's Place".....Freestone's "Bummer Bitch", Freeze's "I Hate Tourists", Detention's "Dead Rock N Rollers".......aren't the TITLES even fun? Thought so.....

Volume 3 (these disc are very short as 2 and 3 will fit on a single disc) features Ambient Noise's "I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre", we get three tracks from the semi-legendary Queers, plus tons of more classics from NY Niggers (I didn't name em), Ebeneezer & the Bludgeons, Screamin Mee-Mee's, and maybe the best, Shock's "This Generation is on Vacation".....Ready for more? how bout Volume 4, with a couple tracks from the Rotters, FOUR tracks from the Zero Boys, the Mad Virgins "Fuck and Suck", and Kaos' fab "Alcholiday". Capping it is the Jerk's "Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me."....I am just imagining some Journey fan or something stumbling onto this blog for the first time today.......

Volume 5? Up for the Maggots "(Let's Get Let's Get) Tammy Wynette"? RPA's "Shoot the Pope"?
"Nazi School" from Cracked Actor?, "White Stains" from the Molls? Point being, there was something here to offend EVERYONE, which was a fucking wonderful thing, its a JOKE damnit, and it's a DOUBLE joke on anyone brain dead enought to actually TAKE offense!

I Do not think there is a Volume 6 (COULD BE WRONG, often am), as I see it there are TWO Volume 7's, one called Volume 7 and one called (get this) Volume 007. Clever, huh? Let's go with Volume 7 first: Ed Naty & the Dopeds bring home a winner with "I'm Gonna Be Everything", Tampax treat us to "UFO Dictator", The Hated try to offend with "Seize the Middle East", and DDT give us the cleverly titled "I'm Walking Down the Psychopath".....NOW Volume "007" quite the tour de force.....Those Intrisic Intellectuals bring us the cool "Radio Iceland", Flack Off give us "Cocktails at Six", The Cleavers do up "Commie Symph", but the difference here being all the foreign language stuff here.....Les Olivenstiens give us "Fier De Ne Rein Faire, Aqui D'El Rock treat us to "Dedicada (A Qem Nos Rouba)"......cuple more of em to, and I would be remiss in failing to note the Fulham Furies demented take on "These Boots are Made For Walking"

Well, actually, I just FOUND Volume 6, so never ye mind on it "not existing".....it's just as jam packed as the rest, Dirt Shit, Ed Nasty & the Dopeds, Tampax, Psykik Volts, and best of all, Frantix' "My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic" (for whatever the reason, Tampax has appeared on two volumes with "UFO Dictator", I really kind of dislike when programmers do that), but anyway....gotta love an appearance by Hitler SS with a rant called "Slave".

OK, I find NO Volume 8......what I DO find is Volume "8.5" (cute huh?)....the hits just keep on comin', The Cosmetics "Twinkie Madness", Dow Jones & the Industrials' "Can't Stand the Midwest", Uncalled 4's "Grind Her Up", and the Matchheads oddball combo "Pearl Harbor/Fat Bitch".....I ask ya what's not to love. 'Course in 1977 I was 15, in 1982 I was 20, so I guess maybe I was "impressionable", but man Iove this stuff back then (often on 45's ordered from Trouser Press or New York Rocker", later on wonderful comps such as this.

The Numbering system resumes with Volume 9......It's easy to forget how easy it was to start a punk
band in those days, having been a member of a few of the lost legends of the infamous Springfield/Dayton Ohio scenes (The Homicexuals, Your Left Tit is Huge, sorry no recorded evidence of either exists, including that remarkable bass playing and those Vonnegut-like lyrics!) Point being at the time, you got some instruments, came up with a stupid name, concocted some "shocking" or "offensive" or even "zany" lyrics, and THEN figure out what to do with the instruments....for this reason, punk bands at the time were about as common as Check Cashing Stores are Today........good thing or bad? Well, GOOD for me, those were great times! Volume 9 brings us more fresh meat, The Panics "I Wanna Kill My Mom", Sado Nation's "On Whom They Beat", X Blan X's "You're Full of Shit"....Tapeworm contribute a pair of winners "Break My Face" and "Blues For an Insurance Salesman"....

Volume 10 (I Can find no Volume 11 OR 12, don't know if they exist or not), continues the tradition of greatness.....The Grim Clone Band's "Heat's Rising Jehova's Witness" which I used to play soley to piss off a buddy of mine of that faith (GOD those people are TOUCHY), Voodoo Idols turn in "We Dig Nixon", The Sick & the Lame give us "Ate Days a Week", and of course there is more.....LOTS more. The next volume I am able to locate is 13, anyone with 11 or 12 please contact me, but according to my database, I've NEVER owned them......13 gives us shit from the Snot Puppies, Waspe Women, Tarts, Der Stab, all mentioned because they get tracks each, (A/B side singles? don't know), also the Fried Abortions, Naked Lady Wrestlers, and Castration Squad....say nothing else for the bands of "my" era but we had it all over EVERYONE else when it came to the simple art of NAMING our bands!

The final two volumes that I cn locate are "14" and "15.5" (again no clue as to if a straight 15 exists),
14 features a version of "Elanor Rigby" byVom-Punkmobile Jimi Lalumia & the Psychotic Frogs, Vomit Visions "Punks are the Old Farts of Today" (telling, very telling), The Reactors "I Want Sex", and a couple good ones to close it out, Rock Bottom & the Spys "Rich Girl" and "No Good".....

OK the final disc I can locate is "15.5".....Psychotic Pineapple, Shitdogs, Snuky Tate, Dow jones and the Industrials, The Panics ("Drugs are For Thugs"), the Plugz, Shell Shock "Execution Time" fill out a disc as good/bad as any of the others......

IF I don't have all the discs let me know, "blog friends".....with that goofball numbering system who the hell knows? But if I am missing some, lets make sure EVERYONE who wants this entire masterwork is able to obtain it........got some MORE along this line for tomorrow, so be prepped, and be well!

I bet it is a fruitless motherfucking endeavor finding pictures of 99% of these bands, I may have to resort to my old trick of decorating the margins with various women I'd enjoy having adult relations with, we will see!

VOLUME 1-01 MAD-I Hate Music/02 HOLLYWOOD SQUARE-Hillside Strangler/03 THE SLUGS-Problem Child/04 VOX POP-Cab Drive/05 THE CONTROLLERS-(The Original) Neutron Bom/06 THE DOGS-Slalsh Your Face/07 GASOLINE-Killer Man/08 KRAUT-Matinee/09 CHILD MOLESTERS-(I'm The) Hillside Strangler/10 COLD COCK-I Wanna Be Rich/11 THE AUTHORITIES-Radiation Masturbation/12 THE AUTHORITIES-I Hate Cops/13 THE NUNS-Decadent Jew/14 THE USERS-Sick of You/15 VICIOUS VISIONS-I Beat You

VOLUME 2-01 FREESTONE-Bummer Bitch/02 FREEZE-I Hate Tourists/03 CHAIN GANG-Son
of Sam/04 MAD-Disgusting/05 MACHINES-True Life/06 VAINS-The Loser/07 S'NOTS-So Long the Sixties/08 RUDE KIDS-Absolute Ruler/09 NERVOUS EATERS-Just Head/10 DETENTION-Dead Rock N Rollers/11 EAT-Communist Radio/12 CHIEFS-Blues/13 MENTALLY ILL-Gacy's Place/14 REALLY RED-Crowd Control/15 PSYCHO SURGEONS-Horizontal Actions/16 CHILD MOLESTERS-Don't worry Kyoko Mommy's Only Looking For Her Head In the Snow

VOLUME 3-01 LEWD-Kill Yourself/02 DEFNICS-51 Percent/03 84 FLESH-Salted City/04 PLUGZ-Mindless Contentment/05 EAT-Doctor TV/06 EAT-Kneecappin/07 SHOCK-This Generation Is On Vacation/ 08 SODS-Television Sect/09 AMBIENT NOISE-I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre/10 QUEERS-I Don't Wanna Work/11 QUEERS-I'm Useless/12 QUEERS-At The Mall/13 EBENEZER & THE BLUDGEONS-Oh I Love This Weather/14 NY NIGGERS-Headliner/15 SCREAMIN MEE-MEES-Hot Sody/16 VIOLATORS-NY Ripper/17 JOHN BERENZY GROUP-Vice Verses

VOLUME 4-01 ZERO BOYS-Stoned to Death/02 ZERO BOYS-Stick To Your Guns/03 ROTTERS-Sink the Whales (Buy Japansese Goods)/04 ROTTERS-Disco Queen/05 REALLY RED-Modern Needs/06 FILTH-Don't Hide Your Hate/07 KAOS-Alcholiday/08 HEART ATTACK-God Is Dead/09 BRLBAJZ-EAP/10 ZERO BOYS-I'm Bored/A piece of Me/11 HUNS-Glad He's Dead/12 SUBHUMANS-No Productivity/13 VICTIMS-TV Freak/14 MAD VIRGINS-Fuck and Suck/15 ISM-I Think I Love You/16 JERKS-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me

VOLUME 5-01 BLACK EASTER-What the Fuck/02
NUBS-Job/03 X-TERMINATORS-Microwave Radiation/04 MOLLS-White Stains/05 STALIN (japanese title)/06 DIETER MEIER-Cry For Fame/07 MAGGOTS-(Lets Get, Lets Get) Tammy Wynette/08 COWBOYS-Teenage Life/09 HUBBLE BUBBLE-Look Around/10 NEO PUNKZ-If I Watch TV/11 SHITDOGS-Reborn/12 RPA-Shoot the Pope/13 TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS-Clubnite/14 ANONYMOUS-Corporate Radio/15 RIOT 303-Drugs/16 CRACKED ACTOR-Nazi School/17 STIPNOYDS-Afraid of the Russians/18 KIDS-No Monarchy/19 HUBBLE BUBBLE-Sweet Rot

VOLUME 6-01 KIDS-This Is Rock N Roll/02 FUNERAL DRESS-Army Life/03 DIRT SHIT-Exit/04 NEXT-Monotony/05 INSULTS-Just a Doper/06 ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS-You Sucker/07 HITLER SS-Slave/08 TAMPAX-UFO Dictator/09 REVENGE 88-Neon Lights/10 SCREAMING URGE-Homework/11 SCHUND-Schund/12 GISM-Exclamations/13 FRANTIX-My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic/14 GLUEARMS-Mental/15 PSYKIK VOLTS-Totally Useless/16 FIRE EXIT-Time Wall/17 MARK TRUTH & THE LIARS-Prisoners of Time/18 SE-Meilla Voisi Tunaau Olla Hauskaa

Money/02 FIRE EXIT-Time Wall/03 RUDE NORTON-Tits on the Beach/04 CHAIN GANG-My Fly/05 GUILTY RAZORS-I Don't Wanna Be Rich/06 ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS-I'm Gonna Be Everything/07 TAMPAX-UFO Dictator/08 ABSENTEES-Tryin To Mess With Me/09 DOT VAETH GROUP-Armed Robbery/10 CIGARETTES-They're Back Again/11 LOST KIDS-Cola Freaks/12 FRESH COLOR-The Source/13 HATED-Seize the Middle East/14 MAIDS-Back to Bataan/15 DDT-I'm Walking Down the Psychopath/16 SPERMA-Zuri Punx/17 ICE 9-Out Out Out/18 MD-Mnisch Depressiv

VOLUME 007-01 ELECTROCHOC-Trios Minutes/02 RONDOS-Wanna Go Home Gigolo/03 MALCOLM TENT-Oh Yeah/04 FULHAM FURIES-These Boots Are Made For Walking/05 CLEAVERS-Commie Symph/06 FEATURES-Job Satisfaction/07 HORRORCOMIC-I Don't Mind/08 REMO VOOR-Frogrammer/09 STALAG-Date Limite De Vente/10 AQUI D'EL ROCK-Dedicada (A Quem Nos Roubla)/11 ABKK-Ronny/12 FUNNY FIVE-Life after Death/13 THOSE INTRISIC INTELLECTUALS-Radio Iceland/14 SHAG NASTY-Looking For Love/15 NASTY MEDIA-Winter/16 LES OLIVENSTIENS-Fier De Ne Rien Faire/17 FLACK OFF-Cocktails at Six/18 LE FRACAS-Nun En Avons/19 CARDIAC KIDZ-Find Yourself a Way/20 BRATS-Fuel

VOLUME 8.5-01 TOXIN III-I Rock I Ran/02 SEIZURE-Frontline/03 COSMETICS-Twinkie
Madness/04 REACTORS-LA Sleaze/05 HASKELS-Takin the City By Storm/06 DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS-I Can't stand the Midwest/07 CRUCIFIED-Let the Kids Play/08 UNCALLED 4-Grind Her Up/09 SNUKY TATE-Stage Speech/10 PUBLIC DISTURBANCE-S&M/11 VAST MAJORITY-I Wanna Be a Number/12 STYPHNOIDS-Mom's a Fake/13 TURNBUCKLES-Super Destroyer Mark II/14 SHIT DOGS-Killer Cain/15 JOHN VOMIT & THE LEATHER SCABS-Punk Rock Star/16 LATIN DOGS-Killed In Jail/17 INSULTS-Population Zero/18 MATCHEADS-Pearl Harbr/Fat Bitch

VOLUME 9-01 TAPEWORM-Break My Face/02 TAPEWORM-Blues For an Insurance Salesman/03 CRAP DETECTOR-Police State/04 CORPSICLES-Big Doings/05 PANICS-I Wanna Kill My Mom/06 NOTHING-Uniformz/07 EPICYCLE-You're Not Gonna Get It/08 ACCIDENT-Kill the Bee Gees/09 JETSONS-Suicidal Tendencies/10 HAMMER DAMAGE-Laugh/11 SHIRKERS-Drunk & Disorderly/12 VAINS-School Jerks/13 GIZMOS-Amerika First/14 LA PESTE-Better Off Dead/15 SADO NATION-On Whom They Beat/16 X BLANK X-You're Full of Shit/17 BREAKOUTS-In Vagueness Deal/18 ICE NINE-Revolting Meses

VOLUME 10-01 VOMIT PIGS-Useless Eater/02 TRAGIC-Laughing Lover/03 DESCENDENTS-Unnational Lover/04 63 MONROE-Hijack Vicitm/ 05 EXECUTIVES-Jet Set/06 GRIM CLONE BAND-Heat's Rising Jehova's Wittness/07 CRINGE-Spit on Your Grave/08 VOODOO IDOLS-We Dig Nixon/09 RED SQUARES-Time Change/10 GENTLEMEN OF HORROR-God Knows You By Name/11 NORMALS-Almost Ready/12 DISCORDS-Dead Cubans/13 TREND-Band Aid/14 COUNT VERTIGO-X-Patriots/15 UNNATURAL AXE-The Creeper/16 SKINNIES-Out of Order/17 ENDTABLE-Circumcision/18 SICK & THE LAME-Ate Days a Week

-Berkely Farms/04 CASTRATION SQUAD-The X Girlfriend/05 FRIED ABORTIONS-Joel Selvin/06 SCREAMERS-If I Can't Have What I Want/07 FEEDERZ-Peter Gunn Theme/08 NAKED LADY WRESTLERS-William Tell Overature/09 WASP WOMEN-Kill Me/10 WASP WOMEN-I Don't Need Your Attitude/11 TARTS-Terminal Romance/12 TARTS-All The Girls In the World/13 DER STAB-Tracers/14 DER STAB-It's Gray/15 CITIZEN FEAR-We Need Another Vietnam/16 INVERTED TRIANGLE-White Night Riot/17 TANKS-Manifest Destiny

VOLUME 14-01 JIMMY SMACK-The Scarlet Beast/02 OPUS-The Atrocity/03 MIRRORS-Mirrors/04 VOM-PUNKMOBILE JIMI LALUMA & THE PSYCHOTIC FROGS-Elanor Rigby/05 VOMIT VISIONS-Someone/06 PLATIC IDOLS-Uncircumcised Twin/07 WIDOWS-Overscrupulous/08 WETNURSE-Bar Wars/ 09 MECANO LTD-Face Cover Face/10 LOST GENERATION-Never Work/11 REACTORS-I Want Sex/12 RAILBIRDS-Go To Hell/13 FEEDERZ-Stop You're Killing Me/14 PUNCTURE-Mucky Pop/15 STONED-Nazi/16 NUCLEAR CRAYONS-Outsider/17 STARSHOOTER-Quelle Crise Baby/18 VOMIT VISIONS-Punks are the Old Farts of Today/19 ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS-Rich Girl/20 ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS-No Good

VOLUME 15.5-01 VAINS-The Fake/02 CRAP DETECTORS-Intellectual Morons/03 PLASTIC
IDOLS-Sophistication/04 PLUGZ-Let Go/05 MATT GIMMICK-Rag/06 SHITDOGS-Calling Dr. Modo/07 PANICS-Drugs are For Thugs/08 SHELL SHOCK-Execution Time/09 STHYPNOIDS-Meat Is Rotten/10 CONTROLLERS-Do the Uganda/11 WAYWARD YOUTH-Do You Wanna/12 PSYCHOIC PINEAPPLE-I Want Her So Bad/13 SNUKY TATE- High Hopes/14 BRAINIACS-Don't Tell Me Why/15 LEPERS-Cops/16 SADONATION-Johnny Paranoid/17 DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Ladies With Appliances.

OK.....LOTTA shit this time. Please let me know your opinions on it, and if indeed there ARE missing discs (no idea frankly thanks to that zany numbering system), if you can help the rest of us out, please take a moment to do so......HOPING this is the whole set, but who ever knows?

OKKKKKKKK-There ARE other volumes....due to the "clever" numbering system, I have no clue how many.....I see one is called Volume 999, others seem to have numbers in the 20's, seemingly 11/12 DO exist..... if I can get any help, great, of not, we'll still all live long and prosper...

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