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And on it goes.....make no mistake, I will continue this blog if I NEVER get another album which I am familiar with, I LOVE these new experiences.....Fabio claims this as one of his faves of last year, Idlewar's "Impulse".......heavy metal power trio rock, similar to, I dunno, the Rods, maybe? Anywya, I like it it's loud and obnoxious, the way metal oughta be.......Fabio sends along a review which of course I will Include:

Californian Rockers Idlewar is back with their debut album Impulse. Following up on their well-received EP ‘Dig In’ the boys are back with a bang. Some of you may know the 3 piece from their first outing, but this was my introduction to a heavy hitting and unique voice that is undeniably Idlewar. The core of the tracks recorded in only two days that has produced beauties like ‘Impulse’ which delivers a fresh and raw approach to its articulation, not only in how they choose to convey their sound which is a little off kilter but somehow it works. At first making you feel a little uncomfortable, but as you let yourself give in to the essence of this dirty infectious recording you start to appreciate its undercurrent.

Stone In My Heel’ opens the album to great effect establishing Idelwar’s distinguished sound, vocalist and bassist James Blake delivering mesmerising vocals along side a ceaseless addictive hook of guitars, bass and drums. ‘Soul’ carries on perfectly again reminding you Idelwar aren’t your average band, no Idlewar are the band for the independent thinker. ‘All That I Got’ has a disturbing dark sounding vocal delivery that demands your attention, separating Idelwar from the pack of your radio friendly go to rock band. ‘Innocent’ is a faster paced track and one of the stand out for me on the album but track after track you get engrossed by this well-formed crazy beautiful array of songs. Impulse produced by drummer Pete Pagonnis and mastered by Brian Lucey (Ghost ‘Meliora’, Black Keys ‘El Camino’, Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’), Definitely helps Idlewar get their individual voice out there for all to hear.

The album wraps up with another great track ‘On Our Knees’ and at first glance I didn’t know what to make of Idlewar, but by the end I was sold on this delicately balanced album, ugly and beautiful all at the same time yin and yang in abundance covered over 10 tracks of heart and soul from the California trio. Impulse is released 30th of September and it could just be the surprise package for 2016 / 2017.
1. Stone In My Heel

2. Soul
3. Criminal
4. All That I’ve Got
5. Innocent
6. Glory
7. Apathy
8. Damage
9. Burn
10. On Our Knees


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