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Some MORE of em

Guessing you know "more" of "what", which would be psych comps, which I now LITERALLY
think I may never live long enough to post all of..... was gonna put up the somewhat rare "Tektites" series, BUT after looking at it I decided against it, because there was so much overlap with the yesterday's set that I just couldn't do it......maybe some other time because there is some FAIRLY rare stuff on it, but just too much overlap this close to "Acid Drops, Space Dust, and Flying Saucers" to really bother with it right now.....interesting sidebar quickly I hope.....I know that I originally got that set from perhaps the greatest blog of all time
"Chocoreve"......while I was pondering posting it, I tried to look at it as Chocoreve's great site has been up but inactive for four or five years now (and I am GODDAMN HONORED that he (Chocoreve) is a follower of this here blog)...anyway I don't think the guy has posted anything since 2008-09 or so, but I've used the site lots of times since then for reference or for pictures or track lists......anyway, it's now listed as a "Private" blog requiring an invitation, see for your self:
http://chocoreve.blogspot.com/ I wonder what the hell is up with that. I'm not a fan of "private" blogs, myself, seems kind of self defeating to me, but if others want to do it that way, God love em.......just kind of surprised that HE would go that route, especially after so long without activity.....anyway I wish him well, and at the same time give you my word that I will STOP blogging before going "private", just not my style. On to the compilations that I HAVE selected for this date:

OK, "Thirty Seconds Before the Calico Wall", has a FEW obvious and often comped selections, notably Haymarket Riot, Sound Sandwich, and once again The Moving Sidewalks "I Want to Hold Your Hand", but for the most part, this is fresh stuff.....Marshmallow Steamshovel, Pepper & the Shakers, Six Feet Under, Magic Swirling Ship.....pretty generous at 28 tracks, likely you haven't heard at least a few of them.

I don't know if "Beyond the Calico Wall" is a
companion piece to the above, but I will tell you that THIS is some rare stuff ......Six Feet Under return from the other set, murdering (wait for it) "Inna Gadda da Vida",Rasputin & the Mad Monks demolish "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night", and other than that, there is hardly a familiar name in the bunch......Waterproof Tinkertoy, Riders of the Mark, Demons of Negativity, and The Ceylieb People are VERY unlikely to turn up in heavy rotation on your local "rock" station (don't get me started on the topic of "rock" radio). Not the GREATEST stuff, but among the most obscure for certain.

Another good one here is "Psychedelic Minds-Heavy Underground 1967-71"....VERY skimpy at just 12 tracks but I don't think there is ONE here that overlaps any of my other stuff. Stuff both domestic (Bhagavad Gita, Dirty Filthy Mud, the Protein Brothers) and imported (Los Shains (Peru), Blow Mind (France), this shit is practically unheard of other than here. Essential if you're trying to grab "everything"!

"Artifacts From the Psychedelic Dungeon" is MUCH more mainstream, 15
tracks from 8 bands (2 each except for St Giles System who get only one, don't ask me).....the Move give us versions of "Hey Grandma" and "Stephanie Knows Who", hey at least it isn't "Gloria" and "Hey Joe"....couple tracks from Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, including "All Along the Watchtower" which, while not quite achieveing "Gloria/Hey Joe" status, DOES seem to be maybe reaching "7 and 7 Is" levels (the best cover of "All Along the Watchtower" for my money? Nope, not Hendrix.....XTC. They take the song and make it their OWN (not that Hendrix didn't), rather than the annoying habit many have had of trying to create a soundalike copy (a pet peeve of mine)).

One more for today-"Kraut Bloody Rageous-German Psychedelic Underground 1968-74" which I must have missed whilst doing that "spanning the globe" thing, more obscurities here than at which we could shake a stick (proper sentence?).......Staff Carpenborg & the Electric Corona, Haboob, Blackbirds 2000, and lots more, nice to see the legendary Monks turn up here too.....a lot of this is the roots of some of the great Kraut Rock of the early 1970's.......you guys like that stuff? Got quite a fw comps of that stuff, 1970's Kraut rock that is......."Music For Your Mind" and "Pre Kraut Pandemonium" are a couple that come to mind without checking, any interest? because to be honest, I AM getting a little tired of these kind of comps EVERY day and would like to work some other stuff in......just like to know WHAT, I just might be feeling some Kraut Rock, we shall see how I'm feeling tomorrow, late 60's psych is actually a fine segue (some dopes think it is spelled "segway", geez) into some of that great Tangerine Dream/Guru Guru/Krokodil (my fave) stuff. Let me know if there is interest!

INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK-What Good Is Up/03 LOOKING GLASSES-Visions/04 BRAIN TRAIN-Me/05 SOUND SANDWICH-Apothecary Dream/06 THE MOVING SIDEWALKS-I Want To Hold Your Hand/07 LOOSE ENDZ-The Black Door/08 RON RAY LIGHT SHOW-Speed/09 MORGAN-Of Dreams/10 PEPPER & THE SHAKERS-Semi-Psychedelic (It Is)/11 NOAH'S ARK-Love-In/12 TREES-Don't Miss the Turn/13 THE PLAGUE-The Face of Time/14 THE SHAPRELLS-Desert Maiden/15 THE DOVERS-Third Eye/16 DENNIS & THE TIMES-Flight Patterns/17 OMEN-Once Upon a Taste/18 THE LORDS-Death Bells at Dawn/19 GLASS CANDLE-Light the Glass Candle/20 SIX FEET UNDER-Six Feet Under/21 THE TYDE-Lost/22 TNT-99th Floor/23 CHATEAUX-Reference Man Part 1/24MAGIC SWIRLING SHIP-He's Comin' Part 2/25 LEGENDS-High Towers/26 NEWS-Blue Shoes/27 MARSHMALLOW STEAM SHOVEL-Steamshovel/28 THE LORDS-Young Heartbeat

BEYOND THE CALICO WALL (20 TRACKS OF 1960'S GARAGE PSYCH & PUNK)-01 PARK AVENUE PLAYGROUND-The Trip/02 AFTERGLOW-Suzies Gone/03 THE FLOWER POWER-Mr Olympus/04 THE PULSE-Burit Bradley/05 RASPUTIN & THE MAD MONKS-I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night/06 ALVA SNELLING-Clock on the Wall (*important sidenote: according to the picture (look around the page, you'll find it), Alva had a VERY nice ass) /07 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up In My Mind/08 COSMIC ROCK SHOW-Psiship/09 THE GREEK FOUNTAINS-An Experimented Terror/10 DUFFY-Come Back Come Back/11 THE PEBBLES EPISODE-Tripsy/12 BOHEMIAN VANDETTA-Paradox City/13 DEMONS OF NEGATIVITY-Resurrection/14 THE CEYLEIB PEOPLE-Changes/15 WATERPROOF TINKERTOY-Continuation/16
BAHGAVAD GITA-Long Hair Soulfull/17 THE RAVES-Mother Nature/18 RAIKS PROGRESS-Sewer Rat Love Chant/19 RIDERS OF THE MARK-The Electronic Insides & Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Dr. Kreig/20 SIX FEET UNDER-Inna Gadda Da Vida

PSYCHEDELIC MINDS-HEAVY UNDERGROUND 1967-71-01 BLACKROCK-Black Cloud Overhead/02 SOUND MACHINE-Woman/03 YESTERDAYS OBSESSION-The Phycle/04 MASTERMIND-Turn of the Head/05 SANGRE MXICANA-Good Cause/06 BAHGAVAD GITA-Hair Soulful (ALSO on "Beyond the Calico Wall", I did NOT do this on purpose, what are the fucking odds that two collections of such obscurities would contain the same bizarro obscure track in back to back posts.besides that they were from Ohio (Cleveland actually)/07 PROTEIN BROTHERS-Drainpipe/08 PURPLE CANTEEN-Brains In My Feet/09 LOS NUEVOS SHAINS-Looking You/10 BLOW MIND-They're Coming/11 DIRTY FILTHY MUD-Morning Sun Flower/12 DIRTY FILTHY MUD-The Forest of Black

ARTIFACTS FROM THE PSYCHEDELIC DUNGEON-01 ST GILES SYSTEM-Swedish Tears/02 PRETTY THINGS- Turn My Head/03 PRETTY THINGS-Defecting Grey/04 THE BUNCH-Spare a Shilling/05 THE BUNCH-Looking Glass Alice/06 THE MOVE-Hey Grandma/07 THE MOVE-Stephanie Knows Who/08 THE IDLE RACE-Imposter's of Life's Magazine/09 THE IDLE RACE-The Lady Who Said She Could Fly/10 ELMER GANTRYS VELVET OPERA-Flames/11 ELMER GANTRYS VELVET OPERA-All ALong the Watchtower/12 THE MIRAGE-Ebneezer Beaver/13 THE MIRAGE-Poor Mrs Busby/14 MIKE STUART SPAN-Through the Looking Glass/15 MIKE STUART SPAN-Children of Tomorrow

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS 1968-74-01 THE RAVERS-Turn In/02 THE BLACKBIRDS 2000-Let's Do It Together/03 JO HAMAN-Wild Woman/04 HABOOB-Israfil Part 1/05 BIG BERTHA-Munich City/06 BARNEY WILEN & HIS AMAZING FREE ROCK BAND-Dear Professor Leary/07 CANNOCK-Wild Man/08 THE CT FOUR PLUS-Exodus II/09 STAFF CARPENBORG & THE ELECTRIC CORONA-Let the Thing Comin' Up/10 MIKE LEWIS & CONNY PLANK-Voodoo Woman/11 DRUM-War Child/12 THE SPEEDERS-I Can't Get It/13 ANDORA-On My Way/14 ANDORA-Jesus & the Rockers/15 JAM-World Is Satisfied/16 DON PAULIN-Don't Forget to Love/17 TUSK-Child of My Kingdom/18 THE MONKS-Please Please Love Me/19 CAN-The Million Game/20 AL CAPONE-Demon's Dance

While I'm thinking about it, here's a little nugget for the stoner rock crowd.....A band called Lizard Queen sent me a copy of their debut album and asked that I listen to it and spread their name a bit....I listened to most of it today, and it's pretty good, you know I love my stoner rock....loud, sludgy, and nine minute tracks wih titles like "Cassiopea" and "Inside the Eye"......You guys know I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, and anyway, if it sucked I WOULD NOT put it up here (I get LOTS of requests such as this and most of them DO suck)....anyway rather than me go to all the trouble of uploading it, just use the bandcamp link here
http://lizardqueenband.bandcamp.com/ ......you can name "your own price" for it, a minimum of $0.00, so really there is no risk involved for ya......if ya like some good sludgy stoner-doom, check this out and report back, and I thank Lizard Queen for the tunes......any band who wants exposure, as long as they don't suck and roughly fit somewhere into my very loose "format", feel free to send me your stuff (for free of course) and I'll evaluate it and maybe get you a thimble full of exposure!

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