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The Complete Can part 3

I have to say, this has been one of the most popular submissions in a long time.....zigzagwanderer,
obviously a real fan of Can, has put this together......like I've said, there is rock and roll that I like but have little knowledge of.....that's why, for reggae, I call on Cliff......but for early 70's Krautrock, zigzag seems to be the go-to guy......make no mistake, I LOVE Krautrock, reminds me of some brnds of psychedelia at times.......and the kraut stuff, imo is FAR superior to the same era's UK/USA proggish-stuff (Genesis, Yes)........anyway, this is so cool, I had exactly ONE Can album in my stash, "Tago Mago"......now I'm getting a crash course in their fab music......yet another reason why I feel I am lucky to do this.....anyway, I think that zig underestimated his can stash, as we are on part 3 and he says there is a good bit more yet to come! Fabulous, as people are loving this one! Thanks a zillion zigzag, I didn't really realize how crazy folks would go for this, when we get it all done, I may just up the content on 70's krautrock stuff, maybe we'll find some new gems (hint: my fave band of the era/genre is the Swiss band Krokodil, I've posted them before, maybe I should again and perhaps I'll trip over something new.......

Horrortrip In The Paperhouse [1972]

01 - Paperhouse.mp3
02 - Spoon.mp3
03 - Love Me Tonight.mp3
04 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea.mp3
05 - Hallelujah.mp3



Live Berlin  [1972]

01 - Entropy.mp3
02 - Improvisation.mp3
03 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea.mp3
04 - Mother Sky.mp3
05 - Peking O.mp3
06 - Spoon.mp3



Paris Olympia [1973]

01 - Queueing Down.mp3
02 - One More Night.mp3
03 - Spoon.mp3
04 - Olympia.mp3
05 - Vitamin C.mp3



BBC [1973/74]
01 - Tatgirdid Janit - Part A.mp3
02 - Tatgirdid Janit - Part B.mp3
03 - I'm So Green-Spoon - Part A.mp3
04 - I'm So Green-Spoon - Part B.mp3
05 - I'm So Green-Spoon - Part C.mp3
06 - Pinch - Part A.mp3
07 - Pinch - Part B.mp3



Future Days [1973]

01 - Future Days.mp3
02 - Spray.mp3
03 - Moonshake.mp3
04 - Bel Air.mp3



Tin Can Jewels [1973]

01 - Improvisation  Soup.mp3
02 - Bel Air  Improvisation.mp3



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