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Some more Future of the Left

Really glad that John N sent me these other Future of the Left items today, I took a second, carpet
bomb style listen to the posted album.....there are some very clever and sophisticated lyrics/song writing on that one, hoping for more of the same here......

I haven't heard these yet, what happens is the submissions that grab my attention I post at once, others I often wait to carpet bomb, or listen to completely......often this leads to my posting music with which I have NO familiarity......but, so fucking what? if it sucks, it sucks, and I get the music posted in volume, noone can argue that.....I think it works the best that way, getting the stuff to you guys QUICKLY.......and, 90% of the time, we have a winner, as out team of contributors is second, of course, to none.

First up, from 2007, is the Japanese release of "Curses!".......as before interesting song titles (often means interesting lyrics).......and a live 2008 release, "Last Night I saved Her Life From Vampires" ......hoping for some good new sounds for me to hear tonight when I get this wrapped up.....might be a while though, I got several things I want to post tonight.

How about that Super Bowl? I don't know any Patriots fans, my son's bestie is a Falcons fan, so I didn't care one bit (Vikings or no one), but DAMN it must be easy to be a Patriots fan.......try being a fan of the Vikings sometime, or, say, the Lions.......rough lives, there!

  1. "The Lord Hates a Coward"– 3:34
  2. "Plague of Onces"– 3:03
  3. "Fingers Become Thumbs!"– 1:50
  4. "Manchasm"– 3:54
  5. "Fuck the Countryside Alliance"– 2:06
  6. "My Gymnastic Past"– 2:30
  7. "Suddenly It's a Folk Song"– 2:55
  8. "Kept by Bees"– 1:54
  9. "Small Bones Small Bodies"– 2:22
  10. "Wrigley Scott"– 2:06
  11. "Real Men Hunt in Packs"– 3:27
  12. "Team:Seed"– 1:19
  13. "adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood"– 3:09
  14. "The Contrarian"– 3:02
  15. I Need to Know How to Kill a Cat (Bonus single A-side)
  16. The Big Wide O


  1. "The Best Laid Plans"
  2. "Wrigley Scott"
  3. "Plague Of Onces"
  4. "Fingers Become Thumbs"
  5. "Drink Nike"
  6. "Distant Jabs At A Soul"
  7. "Manchasm"
  8. "V.D.F.A"
  9. "Dancing Etiquette"
  10. "Fuck The Countryside Alliance"
  11. "Olympic Ideals"
  12. "Small Bones Small Bodies"
  13. "The Lord Hates A Coward"
  14. "London Shoes"
  15. "My Gymnastic Past"
  16. "Encores Explained"
  17. "adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood"
  18. "Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye"
  19. "Cloak The Dagger"

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