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Cliff Notes Part 3

(scott) The third and final chapter of Cliff's latest reggae mega-post, as stated before, I split this post
with his (Cliff's) blessing.........looks like another good one from the UK's reggae-posting king!

Prince Buster was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and producer who sadly passed away in September 2016.  However his legacy to Jamaican music will never be forgotten or underestimated.  He is regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of ska and rocksteady music. The records he released in the 1960's influenced and shaped the course of Jamaican contemporary music and created a legacy of work that later reggae and ska artists will draw upon. Here are three albums of early stuff to highlight just how great Prince Buster was.  Tunes that will get any old fart up and dancing...or at least tapping their feet and nodding their head.  However a note the sound on some of the tracks are variable, but quite listenable nonetheless, don't forget they were recorded over 50 years ago in Jamaica. Also the first disc may be 'The Ska Singles', the set is actually Shuffle, R'n'B, and pre-ska, but let's not quibble!


1Prince BusterDrumbago All StarsBuster's Hop
2Prince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)Buster's Idea
3Prince BusterDrumbago All StarsThis Man Is Good
4Buster's GroupLittle Honey
5Buster's GroupBusters's Shack
6Prince BusterCarlos Malcolm,Prince Buster's All StarsCall Me
7Prince Buster's All StarsRabbit's Foot
8Prince BusterMy Sound That Goes Around
9Prince BusterThey Got To Go
10The CharmersPrince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)Crying Over You
11The CharmersPrince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)Now You Want To Cry
12Prince BusterThe Blue Beats (2)Independence Song
13Prince BusterTime Longer Than Rope
14Prince BusterFake King
15Buster's GroupMegaton
16Prince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)One Hand Washes The Other
17Prince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)Cowboy Comes To Town
18Prince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)They Got To Come
19Prince BusterThe Voice Of The People (2)These Are The Times
20Buster's GroupPlease Mr.Sun
21Buster's GroupPoison On Beeston Street

LINK: http://www101.zippyshare/v/ZD8YFx3d/file.html


1. Flying Ska (Wings Of A Dove)
2. Lucky Seven
3. Perhaps FEATURING The Skatalites)
4. My Queen (featuring Bobby Gaynair & Errol Dunkley)
5. I Go (featuring Millie Small & Roy Panton)
6. Roland Plays The Prince (featuring Roland Alphonso)
7. Call Me
8. Eye For An Eye
9. River Jordan (featurin Owen Gray)
10. The Greatest
11. Ska War (featuring The Maytals)
12. The Burial (featuring Don Drummond)

LINK: http://www29.zippyshare/v/kK0AHm/file.html

Wings Of A Dove
Cut Munno
Mek It Tan Deh Goosie
Sammy Dead Medley
Dance Jamaica
Mr. Wonderful
How Can I Tell Them
And I Love Her
Rum And Cocoacola

LINK: http://www43.zippyshare/v/Xjxji9hb/file.html 

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