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Ty Segall

I hope you all know Ty Segall, his unique blend of noisey garage rock and experimental, distorted hard rock
is one of my fave sounds of the current rock n roll.......if you don't know, expect high distortion, high energy, and never a single dull moment on each LP.......I have some boots around here somewhere that we'll get to eventually, but for now here are the studio albums that I have.....btw Ty plays with several bandds, notably Zoggs and Fuzz, among others, that have been featured on this site before. Here are the Ty Segall albums that I have handy right this moment:

2009's "Lemons" is not the greatest effort, but there is plenty of distorted good shit here......."Untitled #2" stands out, as does "Die Tonite"

"Melted" from 2010 is much better, one of the top albums of that year......its an ear-shredder for sure, with even a pair of singles, "My Sunshine" and "Ceasar".......fine album, recommended. Next came "Goodbye Bread", the sound is cleaned up a bit and a bit more mainstream, but still contains plenty of fuzz and distortion.

2012's "Twins" may be the best of the lot, imo it's his definitive work........loud and noisy, which is what Ty does best......."Love Fuzz" and "Ghost" stand out on this 4.5 star effort, one of the best releases of 2012.

"Sleeper" is much different, an album released to coincide with the passing of Ty's father......much more melodic, folkish-psych.......good in an eerie sort of way.

Both "Slaughterhouse" and "Fuzz" are done with "The Ty Segall Band".......both, especially "Fuzz" are worth your hard-rocking time......I think I've posted em before, but here they are again......finally, "Hair" is a fine collaboration with Tim Presley.....it's a fine and overlooked album, please give it a fair shot!

Like I said, I have somewhere a batch of boots from Ty and they ROCK! I'm gonna locatea thema, abuta for now, here is a TRUE rock n roll artist of the 2000's-10's.......this is really great stuff!

LEMONS-01 It #1/02 Standing at the Station/03 In Your Car/04 Lovely One/05 Can't Talk/06 Cents/07
Untitled #2/08 Rusted Dust/09 Die Tonite/10 Johnny/11 Drop Out Boogie/12 Like You

MELTED-01 Finger/02 Ceasar/03 Girlfriend/04 Sad Fuzz/05 Melted/06 Mike D's Coke/07 Imaginary People/08 My Sunshine/09 Bees/10 Mrs/11 Alone

GOODBYE BREAD-01 Goodbye Bread/02 California Commercial/03 Comfotrable Home/04 You Make the Sun Fry/05 I Can't Feel It/06 My Head Explodes/07 The Floor/08 Where Your Head Goes/09 I Am With You/10 Fine

TWINS-01 Thank God For Sinners/02 You're the Doctor/03 Inside Your Heart/04 The Hill/05 Would You Be My Love/06 Ghost/07 They Told Me Too/08 Love Fuzz/09 Hand Glams/10 Who Are You/11 Gold On the Shore/12 There Is No Tomorrow

SLEEPER-01 Sleeper/02 The Keepers/03 Crazy/04 The Man Man/05 She Don't Care/06 Come Outside/07 Sixth Street/08 Sweet CC/09 Queen Lullabye/10 The West

SLAUGHTERHOUSE-01 Death/02 I Bought My Eyes/03 Slaughterhouse/04 The Tongue/05 Tell Me
What's Inside Your Heart/06 Wave Goodbye/07 Muscle Man/08 The Bag I'm In/09 Diddy Wah Diddy/10 Oh Mary/11 Fuzz War

HAIR-01 Time/02 I Am Not a Game/03 Easy Rider/04 The Black Glove Rag/05 Crybaby/06 (I Can't) Get Around You/07 Scissor People/08 Tongues

OK, guys.....these are eight GOOD albums......they could use a bit more exposure, that's up to you......great stuff though, rocking, buzzing, fuzzy, distorted, and as I've said, THE sound of modern rock, right at the minute!

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