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Jon S with Cloud Nothings

(scott) Jon S has always been grea at turning me onto bands I don't know, I couldn't count or name them
all......well, here's another, Cloud Nothings.......he's got a BUNCH of stuff from them here, and I have not listened yet, so I'll just copy his email over to ya.........I'll listen to most of these tomorrow, but for now I trust Jon S, as I always have, has NEVER steered me wrong!

Cloud Nothings

Turning On (2009 EP)
Cloud Nothings (2011)
Attack On Memory (2012)
Groningen, Netherlands 5/25/12
Here And Nowhere Else (2014)
Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago 7/19/14
Coachella 4/10/15

They have a new one coming out at the end of the month.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 (if you want to check them out first.)

If you don't know them, Cloud Nothings are the best band you haven't heard.

(scott) And, before I published this, another note from Jon S:

of course, I found this about an hour after sending you the e-mail -

the new cloud nothings called life without sound. haven't been able to listen yet but wanted to get it off to you.

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