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Syde Trips

Well, my drug-addled memory keeps causing me to forget great comp sets I've overlooked....I'd have
thought overlap would be the biggest enemy by now, rendering most sets I could post as to be redundant. Not so "Syde Trips", seven more discs of, as the title might indicate, obscuritites from around the globe, focusing on more of the great psych-pop we can never (evidently) get too much of.

Volume 1.....well, if any of this stuff is familiar to you other than from this set, you should be starting your own blog and sharing this stuff (as I have said there is a VOID in the blog world as of late!)......The Poets, Maniax, Purge, Giorgio and Marco's Men, and Blackthorn Winter are not exactly common names on the shelves of most of us. Volume 2 varies the concept a bit (for the better) as The Lost, Mic Read, Amber, and Just Plain Smith each get a deeper look, 3-5 tracks each, kind of wish that on collections structured as such they'd GROUP EACH ACT TOGETHER BY ITSELF, rather than randomly scattering the order, but mine is not to question why I guess.

On Volume 3, Jason Crest gets five tracks, other than that the acts get 1 or 2.....Enough's Enough,
Tidal Wave, Harverson Apricot, not to mention Charlotte Black's version of "So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star")......only the best in obscurity! Fourth disc brings us yet another wave, The Mode get 3 tracks, elsewhere, Tinkerbell's Fairydust, Complex, CMJ, and the Montanas, among others, get the usual 1-2 track look.

Volume 5 keeps bringing them out.....Toast, Killing Floor, Doves, and the Geranium Pond, whose "Marshmallow Man" turns up as both track 10 and track 13. An OBVIOUS classic! Volume 6 features the very freakish The Phoenix, also Tropical Fish, The Summer Set, Solent, and a few more. The final set offers up The Brain, Those Fadin Colours, The Outer Limits ("Not Your Steppin Stone"), The Snappers......

OK, here are 7 MORE discs of relatively little overlap with my other comp
sets, hope you guys like this it's a really good one for lovers of obsure psych (I look at it as kind of a "negative image" of "Back From the Grave", which was ALL punk, NO psych......this one ALL psych, ZERO punk......both great sets, for, of course, lovers of their specified genre.

Be good to one another and be back tomorrow, unless the powers that be kidnap me in my sleep tonight......

VOLUME 1-01 PLEASURE GARDEN-Permissive Paradise/02 GIORGIO AND MARCOS MEN-Baby I Need You/03 WHISPERS OF TRUTH-Sunday Afternoons With Emily/04 FREE EXPRESSION-Nightmares/05 PURGE-The Mayor of Simpleton Hall/06 POETS-Fun Buggy/07 MANIAX-The Devils Home/08 TIDAL WAVE-Spider Spider/09 WHISPERS OF TRUTH-Reality/10 BLACKTHORN WINTER-I Will/11 PURGE-The Knave/12 POETS-Heyla Hola/13 EUPHORIA-Hangman's Rope/14 KAT-Tell the World/15 FRINGE BENEFIT-Wild Man of the Forest

VOLUME 2-01 JUST PLAIN SMITH-Don't Open Your Mind/02 MIC READ-Edward E James' Rainbow/03 AMBER-Time and Tide/04 MIC READ-Nicola/05 AMBER-Yellow and Red/06 MIC READ-Pictures on My Wall/07 THE LOST-Ernest Seymour The Man From 66c/08 THE LOST-What's the Matter With You Babe/09 MIC READ-Charley Brewsters DJ Show/10 JUST PLAIN SMITH-February's Child/11 MIC READ-What the Dickens/12 AMBER-Shirley/13 MIC READ-If She's a Day/14 THE LOST-Don't Open Your Mind

VOLUME 3-01 JASON CREST-King of the Castle/02 ENOUGHS ENOUGH-Please Remember/03
HARVISON APRICOT-Wax Candle/04 JASON CREST-Collected Works of Jason Crest/05 CHARLOTTE BLACK-Charge of the Light Brigade/06 TELEGRAPH-Putrefaction/07 JASON CREST-Teagarden Lane/08 EXTREEM-From Out of the Sky/09 CHARLOTTE BLACK-So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star/10 THOR-You're My Cream/11 JASON CREST-Charge of the Light Brigade/12 ENOUGHS ENOUGH-Look Around You Baby/13 TIDAL WAVE-Crazy Horse/14 JASON CREST-You Really Got a Hold on Me

VOLUME 4-01 BRASS ALLEY-Dr Beecham's Pink Pills/02 THE MODE-Eastern Music Back to Front/03 URBAN-When My Train Comes In/04 THE INFLUENCE-Driving Me Wild/05 TINKERBELLS FAIRYDUST-Marjorine/06 THE MODE-Backing Britain/07 20W-What's It All About/08 COMPLEX-Witchs Spell/09 THE GOOD THING BRIGADE-My House is Burning/10 THE OBJECT-Blue SKies and Green Green Grass/11 CMJ-In the Midnight Hour/12 THE MODE-Girl/13 THE MONTANAS-Together/14 TINKERBELLS FAIRYDUST-You Keep Me Hanging On

Baskets/02 TOAST-Time of Year/03 THE DOVES-Smokeytime Springtime/04 THE GERNAIUM POND-No Elephants In My Garden/05 KILLING FLOOR-Soon There Will Be Everything/06 TOAST-Lincoln's Rocking Chair/07 KILLING FLOOR-Acid Bean/08 THE GERANIUM POND-Fire/09 THE DOVES-I'll Cry If You Make Me/10 THE GERANIUM POND-Marshmallow Man/11 LEE & DOREY-I've Been Wrong/12 SIR PERCY QUINTET-Margaret Elspeth/13 THE GERANIUM POND-Marshmallow Man/14 KILLING FLOOR-Lost Alone

VOLUME 6-01 THE SUMMER SET-Cos It's Over/02 TROPICAL FISH-Captain Man Part 1/03 THE PHOENIX-Live For the Sun/04 THE LONGBOATMEN-Viva L'Amour/05 THE NAME-Hello Edythe/06 TROPICAL FISH-Waterloo Station/07 THE FLAMES-Streamliner/08 THE PHOENIX-You Keep Me Hanging On/09 THE LONGBOATMEN-Trouble and Tea/10 THE PHOENIX-Brave New Sights/11 TROPICAL FISH-Upside Down Inside Out/12 SOLENT-My World Fell Down/13 THE NAME-What Do I Care/14 TROPICAL FISH-Captain Man Part 2/15 THE PHOENIX-You Are The Moon & The Stars & The Sun

VOLUME 7-01 THE BRAIN-Nobody Knows the Game/02 THOSE FADIN COLOURS-Blow
Up/03 THE JYGSAW-0099/04 THE BRAIN-Shot On Sight/05 THE FIRE-Can't Be So Bad/06 THE BRAIN-One In a Million/07 THE SNAPPERS-Smiley's Tram/08 THE OUTER LIMITS-I'm Not Youre Stepping Stone/09 THOSE FADIN COLOURS-Try Me On For Size/10 THE BRAIN-Murder/11 DAVE CHRISTIE-Penelope Breedlove/12 THE BRAIN-Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine/13 THE SNAPPERS-Shes a Lover/14 CLIFF WARD-Path Through the Forest

Trip away, hope ya be digging these.......thought I'd be long out of em by now, but actually there are a few more, so, well, we'll see.....and PLEASE continue to show support for the deposed ChrisGoesRock by downloading the 2 disc ChrisGoesRock Psychedelic Favorites......it is SYMBOLIC, of course, nothing more, but please JUST DO IT in order for Chris and the rest of teh blogging universe to know that we do, indeed, CARE about OUR internet, it's freedoms, and it's ability to allow music lovers to SHARE.....and as I've stated 10000 times before, it should be evident and obvious, but I guess it isn't......so, SHARING IS A GOOD THING. SHARING IS A GOOD THING. SHARING IS A GOOD THING.

Get it, I hope?

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