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I only recently became aware of this band, someone sent me a very recent (2010, quite recent for a band that has been about for 30+ years).....however, I kinda like this album, "A Columbus Feeling", it's kind of Buzzcocks/Green Day style punk-pop from Germany, really a pretty good album to listen to, and I request help with their earlier stuff, Germany!.........Really, I never heard of them until recently, and I really thought it to be pretty good!

A COLUMBUS FEELING-01 Matter of Fact/02 Columbus Feeling/03 Stacks & Piles/04 Meet Me in the Middle/05 Can't Live Without It/06 Black in the Rainbow/07 Choose Not to Look/08 Legend of Honest Men/09 A Cliff to Jump Off Of/10 Try And Stop Us/11 Strategy For Victory/12 Let Me Think/13 Honestly

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