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Fraternity of Man

(scott) this has been sitting around for a while, I think I grabbed it off another blog in the last couple months or so.......quite the period piece, and, again, not one I think I see all THAT often....worth a listen, here are the brief details:
The Fraternity of Man was an American blues rock and psychedelic rock group from the 1960s. They are most famous for their 1968 song "Don't Bogart Me," which was featured in the 1969 road movie Easy Rider. Its original members included three musicians from Lowell George's band The Factory – Richie Hayward later of Little Feat, Warren Klein, and Martin Kibbee – who joined Elliot Ingber from the Mothers of Invention and Larry Stash Wagner. Blues leads were handled by Ingber, and psychedelic leads were played by Klein, including "Oh No I Don't Believe It" (widely attributed to Ingber due to his association with the Mothers). The band broke up after recording two albums.


✪ Lawrence "Stash" Wagner - lead vocals, guitar
✪ Elliot Ingber - guitar
✪ Warren Klein - guitar, sitar, tambura
✪ Martin Kibbee - bass
✪ Richard Hayward - drums, backing vocals

01. "In the Morning" - 4:22
02. "Plastic Rat" - 3:41
03. "Don't Bogart Me" - 3:00
04. "Stop Me Citate Me" - 2:50
05. "Bikini Baby" - 2:03
06. "Oh No I Don't Believe It" - (Frank Zappa) - 6:15
07. "Wispy Paisley Skies" - 2:22
08. "Field Day" - 3:59
09. "Just Doin' Our Job" - 2:21
10. "Blue Guitar" - 4:23
11. "Last Call for Alcohol" - 3:25
12. "Candy Striped Lion's Tails" - 5:17

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