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IT would be FAR too easy.......

Apparently there are thre discs in the "USA Garage Greats" series that I never got, or lost , or something over the years,,,,,they are entitled "BEHIND LOCKED DOORS"......"STAND UP GIRLS"....and "WHAT IN TH WORLD PART 2".......maybe I have them somewhere and cannot find them. Maybe I lent them out and never gor them back.....maybe someone mis filed them and they are somewhere make in the mass canverse of CD's that is my back room.....anyway, I have no idea where they are.....SOMEONE, SOMEONE OUT THERE has them and will share them with us, to complete our sets.......SOMEONE. I have done MY share, take it to the bank, now smoenone dod a good deed and provide these ones. I already hae lists pouring in of missing discs, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NOT ASKED for them yet, but they will be filled, and these other three willl be filled also, provided someone can find them for us! that'll bring u to 175 total discs. I have an idea, let me check my catalouge for them, BRB......OK, I find there IS/WAS "What in the World Part 2", cannot find it in my stuff.......my catalogue makes no mention of "Behind LOcked Doors" or "Stand Up Girls",,,,IF THEY EXIST and you have one, two, or all three of them PLEASE LET ME KNOW, we will work something out, even if I have to pay you. I Want these sets to be PERFECT for eeryone, not 99% perfect. Jus looks like I am going to have to act on the kindness of strangers for this last few bit. Please, folks, come through for me IF YA CAN. I'll search my room from head to toe to find "What in the World 2" for my Part! Come on HELP all ya brouthas and sassy sistahs OUT!

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