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Jon S Drops in!

(scott) this is the third time it has happened that legdendary contributors Jon S and John N have made the
same contributions within a few minutes/hours......it's happened again, and since he's been MIA for a while (like he owes us ANYTHING with all the incredible posts he's sent), I'm gonna focus a bait on Jon S, BUT I'm gonna use both links for this re-issued classic.....I have posted this before in original format, I think Andie James sent it once.

PiL'S "Metal Box" is perhaps THE great post-punk release of the end-of-the-era classics. the dynmaic sound on the original vinyl was indescribeably amazing. OK, it's being released (with a TON of bonus stuff) again this fall, ("Album" will also be released later on).....grab this classic, I'm going to experiment with two links as they are not both zip's, so just to see what happens.....

BTW Jon S is is fine, got burned out on submitting shit. If ever there was a sentiment with which I could sympathize, that is it.......best wishes to both John N and Jon S in 2017!

Disc 1:
Remastered album
1. Albatross
2. Memories
3. Swan Lake (Death Disco)
4. Poptones
5. Careering
6. No Birds Do Sing
7. Graveyard
8. The Suit
9. Bad Baby
10. Socialist
11. Chant
12. Radio 4

Disc 2:
B-sides, mixes & radio sessions
1. Death Disco (7” edit)
2. Death Disco 12”
3. Half Mix / Megga Mix (b-side)
4. Death Disco - BBC TV, Top of the Pops July 12.7.72
5. Memories 12”
6. Another (b-side)
7. Poptones - BBCRadio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
8. Careering - BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
9. Chant - BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
10. Poptones - BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
11. Careering - BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
12. Pied Piper (rare compilation-only track)

Disc 3:
Unreleased Mixes
1. Poptones (version 3) (unreleased)
2. Swan Lake (monitor mix)
3. Albatross (monitor mix) (alternative mix)
4. Swan Lake (“master”) (alternative mix) (unreleased)
5. Unknown INST Jam 1 (“Chant”) (unreleased)
6. Unknown Jam 2 (“Megachant”) (unreleased)
7. Music from an Oven (aka Memories) (unreleased)
8. Radio 4 (“symphony suite”) (unreleased)
9. Home is Where The Heart is (original mix) (unreleased)
10. Unknown INST 2 (unreleased)

Disc 4:
Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79 (unreleased)
1. Chant
2. Swan Lake (aka Death Disco)
3. Memories
4. Public Image
5. Annalisa
6. No Birds Do Sing

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