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Not a great one in my opinion, a 2012 release from Evol from West Virginia.....someone (forget who) sent me this so, I'm happy to post especially as it is not well known (I didn't know it), but not real rocking, more a retro-60's look at some of the lightweight wimp-rock that was so popular in that era......it's ok, I guess, but nothing I'm going to listen to twice......lightweight folky-psych, knucklehead lyrics, an occasional Byrds-like jangly guitar.......hey, you send em in, I'll post em......not up to me to like em, up to me to SHARE em.....some of you may consider this a fantastic discovery, and that is why we are here!

EVOL-01 Part of Reality/02 For the Sake of Reality/03 Unlucky Guy/04 I Told a Lie/05 I Just Don't Care to Dance/06 You Shall Be Saved/07 If I Am Strong/08 Get Out of Your Mind/09 Speak Your Mind/10 There Will Come a Day/11 Good Morning Girl/12 Day of Sorrow

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