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Stomu Yamashata and John Phillips

(scott) Thanks a ton to John N for sending us this one, I likely have a copy somewhere in the clusterfuck that
is my CD stash, so I will, rather, simply be delighted to locate this copy......There is an excellent description of the procedings here, which I will simply attach......I remember this one, it's an album that is both most interesting as well as GOOD!
2016 marks the 40th anniversary of The Man Who Fell to Earth, director Nicolas Roeg's trippy cult classic starring the late David Bowie as the stranded alien Newton.  Prior to his untimely death earlier this year, Bowie revisited Newton and the milieu of the film in his only musical theatre piece, Lazarus.  With the musical about to open in London, StudioCanal is revisiting the original film in a new four-disc Blu-ray box set due in the United Kingdom on October 24.  (No U.S. plans for the set have been revealed yet.)  Prior to that, on September 9, Universal Music Catalogue (UMC) will premiere the soundtrack ofThe Man Who Fell to Earth on 2 CDs.  A 2-LP version (with fewer tracks) and a CD/LP deluxe box will arrive on November 18 from the label.

While David Bowie didn't contribute any music to the film, the soundtrack features the work of John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas fame (who composed specifically for the film), and Stomu Yamash'ta.  (Just yesterday, The Second Disc broke the news of the upcoming, rarities-packed Ultimate Anthology for Phillips' legendary band.)  This is the first audio release of the music.  Though an album was promised on Bowie's then-label RCA in 1976, it never materialized for a variety of reasons.  That story is explored in the 48-page hardcover book that accompanies the deluxe 2-CD release.  Paolo Hewitt and film editor Graeme Clifford provide the liner notes.

CD 1
  1. Poker Dice by Stomu Yamash'ta
  2. Blueberry Hill (Single Version) by Gordon Jenkins Orchestra And Choir and Louis Armstrong
  3. Jazz II by John Phillips
  4. The Planets, Op. 32 Venus, The Bringer Of Peace by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and George Hurst
  5. Boys From The South by John Phillips
  6. 33 1/3 by Stomu Yamash'ta
  7. Rhumba Boogie by John Phillips
  8. Try To Remember by The The Kingston Trio
  9. Mandala by Stomu Yamash'ta
  10. America by John Phillips
  11. Wind Words by Stomu Yamash'ta
  12. Jazz by John Phillips
CD 2
  1. One Way by Stomu Yamash'ta 
  2. Space Capsule by John Phillips
  3. Bluegrass Breakdown by John Phillips
  4. Desert Shack by John Phillips
  5. Memory Of Hiroshima by Stomu Yamash'ta
  6. Window by John Phillips
  7. Alberto by John Phillips
  8. The Planets, Op. 32 Mars, The Bringer Of War (Excerpt) by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and George Hurst
  9. Liar, Liar by John Phillips
  10. Hello Mary Lou by John Phillips
  11. Silent Night by Queen's Hall Light Orchestra & Robert Farnon
  12. Love Is Coming Back by Genevieve Waite and John Phillips
  13. The Man Who Fell To Earth (Demo) by John Phillips

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