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Was looking around for something else and happened up on this, 2012's "Harmonicraft" from Torche.....Torche being a fairly accomplished Miami Florida stoner rock crew.......they've released a handful of other albums, but I think this is the only one I have heard before....This is album #3 from the guys, best as I can determine, and pretty decent stoner rock, with some mainline-metal leanings.....Torche are guitarists/vocalists Steve Brooks and Andrew Elstner, John Nunez on bass, synth, guitar, and drummer Rick Smith......all the songs go hard, even a couple of maybe unnecessary instrumentals (you know how instrumental stoner rock can be).......however, the speedy "Walk It Off" and maybe the album's best track, the somewhat sludgy "Reverse Inverted", among others, show that these guys can play with the big boys.......
As you know I love my stoner rock......no classic, but yet another that fellow lovers of the genre might sample.

  1. "Letting Go"– 2:03
  2. "Kicking"– 2:35
  3. "Walk it Off"– 1:25
  4. "Reverse Inverted"– 3:50
  5. "In Pieces"– 3:09
  6. "Snakes Are Charmed"– 3:14
  7. "Sky Trials"– 1:18
  8. "Roaming"– 3:20
  9. "Skin Moth"– 3:18
  10. "Kiss Me Dudely"– 1:48
  11. "Solitary Traveler"– 2:48
  12. "Harmonicraft"– 3:15
  13. "Looking On"– 6:40

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