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Zoos of Berlin

(scott) from Detroit come Zoos of Berlin, art-ish alt-rock........John N sends this, their discography incuding
EP's, along with a review that is much better than anything I could write. The band also has a track on a Bowie covers album sent by John N also, coming up next......
One of Detroit’s great musical enigmas, Zoos of Berlin have quietly dispensed two exquisite art-pop masterworks to relatively little fanfare either locally or globally. Somewhat of an oddity in the Midwestern landscape, their tonal sensibilities are more in line with English auteurs like Godley & Creme and Brian Eno than with the scrappy garage rock of their rustbelt home. That’s not to say their sophisticated pop approach is stand-offish or stuffy. In fact, their music is quite accessible, albeit by the side door where their spellbinding sounds lead listeners to a familiar place via an alternate route.

With Instant Evening, their third full-length, they’ve fused their appealingly lush aural climate to a collection of songs that sets a new benchmark for the now veteran writing duo of Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark. In Zoos’ trademark fashion, tracks like “Rush at the Bonds” and “Spring from the Cell” are rife with hooks and well-honed melodies that take as many left turns as needed to keep them from mainstream consideration. The laid-back propulsion — also one of the band’s hallmarks — remains evident, especially on midtempo stunner “Ambition Sounds,” whose unhurried groove eyes the distant horizon while Naud gently intones “I still belong to you, I still belong to the outside world,” a dichotomy that makes a pretty good case for Zoos’ strange allure.

As approachable as they sometimes are, there is also something private and deeply personal about their music. Like the album title implies, they live more naturally in twilight, sharing the public glow of day with the secrecy of night, and while that kind of mystique isn’t easily generated, Zoos of Berlin have once again made it seem effortless.

Video for Ambition Sounds from the Zoos of Berlin LP, "Instant Evening." Preorder Instant Evening... https://zoosofberlin.bandcamp.com/ Directed by Trevor Naud ...
12 track album
Recorded and mixed at The Zoodio, Detroit, by drummer and engineer Collin Dupuis (who recently mixed Angel Olsen’s MY WOMAN, as well as Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence), Instant Evening is, of course, the band’s finest sounding record—but it’s also their finest as songwriters. Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark’s writing partnership, started when they were virtually teenagers, has a confidence that previous Zoos records were only hinting at. Everything has a confidence that those previous Zoos records were only hinting at.

(The band says you should pretend this is their first album.) 

From the introspective, lost-on-the-Autobahn yearning of “Ambition Sounds” to the tape deck nostalgia of “Winter Radio” to the stripped-down shoegaze of “Glen Riders,” the group’s ability to shift from mechanized pop to dreamier pastures is seamless. 
Lyrically, the boys take to subject matter like alien journalists, disappearing into crowded clubs, smoking weed alone, driving endlessly, trying to break free of life’s big circles. Marriage, breakups, relocations, big losses, big wins, children, the new dawn… it’s all in here through that special, weird lens.

TAXIS-01 Century Rail/02 Black in the Sun Room/03 Formal is at Noon/04 Juan Matus/05 Our Jailor Eats Alone/06 Water Town/07 Countless Lessons/08 Doctor Vine Passing/09 Stay By the Ark/10 Electrical Way/11 Coliseum

PALLISTER CHANT EP-01 Haven't Eyes/02 Tamarind/03 Sheets of Solid Gold/04 Kingston Gates

LUCIFER IN THE RAIN-01 Above the Air/02 Charnel House/03 Companion Turns/04 I Went to Shapeless In the Night/05 Last Decade/06 On the Dock With Carlita/07 Open the Wine/08 Candlewood Fair/09 Put on the New Suit/10 Belles-Letters/11 He Lives in the Trees/12 Movie on August Ray

INSTANT EVENING-01 Rush at the Bond/02 Ambition Sounds/03 Constitution/04 White Cloud/05 Glen Riders/06 Evelyn/07 Spring From the Cell/08 I Get to Follow You/09 A Clock Could Never Tell/10 Winter Radio/11 Always Fine With Orphan/12 North Star on the Hill

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