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Golden Void

It's a hell of a great problem to have, but I have a ton of John N links here that I need to get shared with ya

 Golden Void is a psychedelic rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area.
The band consists of:
- guitarist/vocalist Isaiah Mitchell (EARTHLESS / NEBULA)
- bassist Aaron Morgan (ROOTS OF ORCHIS / THE FINCHES)
- drummer Justin Pinkerton (ROOTS OF ORCHIS)
- keyboardist/vocalist Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (ASSEMBLE HEAD IN SUNBURST SOUND)

Golden Void is the new face of Bay Area psychedelic music. It's a rich tradition and like many of the tradition’s greats, Golden Void’s songs are firmly rooted in melody and not afraid of exploration. The band’s hooks get stuck in your head and their riffs transport you to the astral plane. Golden Void’sundeniable twist, setting them apart from their city’s lineage, is the influence of classic bands like Sabbath and Pentagram. The quartet, Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) on guitar and vocals, Camilla Saufley-Mitchell on keyboards and vocals, Aaron Morgan on bass and Justin Pinkerton on drums, achieves a perfect balance of muscular riffs, soaring melodies, and hazy atmosphere on Berkana, their sophomore album. Recorded with Tim Green (The Fucking Champs), Berkanashows Golden Void expanding the scope of their sound without abandoning the heady groove they carved on their acclaimed self-titled debut.

Several members of Golden Void cut their musical teeth together during their middle school years and their natural ease and friendship is apparent throughout Berkana. Every member contributes to the writing process and to the arrangement of songs. Working with Tim Green at his isolated country studio, with all the instruments he has amassed, was integral to the expanded sound on this new record. While their debut album was mostly recorded live, Berkana was recorded with each member in isolation, allowing for more edits and overdubs. On songs like “Dervishing” and “Astral Plane,” there are layers upon layers of sound to dig into, with acoustic guitar, keyboards, and even flute being added to the band’s potent brew. Tim Green picked up the baritone guitar and added some Arp as well. Isaiah Mitchell, one of the best rock guitarists working today, shows off his chops, but also his incredible restraint, throughout. In addition to the stretches of outright shredding, such as on opener “Burbank’s Dream,” or the climax of “The Beacon”, there are moments such as the breakdown on “I’ve Been Down,” in which Mitchell employs subtle melodic flourishes that slowly build in intensity. Berkana is a sonically rich collection of heavy rock and roll.

In 2012 Golden Void was called “The Bay Area’s best new psych band” by the Bay Bridged, which was followed by a torrent of praise for their live shows throughout California. Although Golden Void has previously only made a few appearances outside of the Golden State they plan to remedy that this fall with US dates as well as shows in Europe.

all.....he sends plenty of great stuff, and everyone of us should be VERY grateful for his generosity and his work. Love ya John N.....

Here is some of MY kinda music, ya know, that stoner/hard-heavy psych stuff that I love so much......well, here, compliments of the aforementioned John N, are the albums of Golden Void......I'm listening, they kick nothing BUT serious ass, and since John N went to the trouble to attach a review, I may as well send it along:


(Scott again)......hey folks, I really like these.......if my taste means anything to you, check these, they are really excellent, and what I consider to be definitive of the sound of modern hard rock in the 00's era. Good stuff for certain. 

GOLDEN VOID-01 Art of Invading/02 Virtue/03 Jetsun Dolma/04 Badlands/05 Shady Grove/06 The Curve/07 Atlantis

RISE TO THE OUT OF REACH (SINGLE)-01 Rise to the Out of Reach/02 Smiling Raven

BERKANA-01 Burbank's Dream/02 Silent Season/03 Dirvishing/04 Astral Plane/05 I've Been Down/06 The Beacon/07 Storm and Feather

Really enjoyed these a lot, if my judgement means anything to ya......good stuff here, I hope you don't cheat yerselfs, this is fab stuff you most likely will  dig these as well......really good.

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