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Joan Jett/The Blackhearts (Part 1)

Been feeling some Runaways greatness of late, gonna break it down first with Joan and Lita, and maybe
even Cherri if I have her....Then later on perhaps another mega-Runaways thing (yes, did it once before)...

But, I have NOT done a Joan Jett thing, ever, and I love Joan Jett, she's  hottie and seemingly, a very good person (from what I read), and she has perhaps this era's best understanding of the glitter/glam sounds of the mid-70's on which I came of age, and Joan often replicates THAT sound to perfection......Lita Ford (whom I love even MORE) will be up soon, and so will the Runaways stuff I have as well......a great, cheesy-yet-rocking band, and Joan and the Blackhearts is a pretty damn important off-spin....I love some of these, myself, hope you do too!!!!!!

Anyway, there is so much Joan Jett material coming up tomorrow or so that most people of either gender
will be thrilled, and I THINK I have some more Jett boots  to post as well......anyway, I'm going to talk briefly about these albums, cause they are bad-ass, but not gonna go crazy bout em.......Im guessing you will get the picture.....ALL Runaways-related is essential in this guy's book, so there is so bad-ass shit coming on THIS front!!!!!

BAD REPUTATION-01 Bad Reputation/02 Make Believe/03 You Don't Know What You've Got/04 You Don't Own Me/05 Too Bad On Your Birthday/06 Do You Wanna Touch Me/07 Let Me Go/08 Doing Alright With the Boys/09 Shout/10 Jezebel/11 Don't Abuse Me/12 Wooly Bully

I LOVE ROCK N ROLL-01 I Love Rock N Roll/02 (I'm Gonna) Run Away/03 Love Is Pain/04 NAG/05 Crimson and Clover/06 Victim of Circumstance/07 Bits and Pieces /08 Be Straight/09 You're Too Possessive/ 10 Little Drummer Boy/11 Oh Woe Is Me/12 Louie Louie Intro/13 Louie Louie/14 You Don't Know What You Got (Live)

ALBUM-01 Fake Friends/02 Handyman/03 Everyday People/04 A Hundred Feet Away/05 Secret
Love/06 Star Star/07 The French Song/08 Tossing and Turning/09 Why Can't We Be happy/10 I Love Playin' With Fire/11 Coney Island Whitefish

GLORIOUS RESULTS OF A MISSPENT YOUTH-01 Cherry Bomb/02 I Love, You Love, Me Love/03 Frustrated/04 Hold Me/05 Long Time/06 Talkin ' Bout My Baby/07 I Need Someone/08 Love Like Mine/09 New Orleans/10 Someday/11 Push and Stomp/12 I Got No Answer/13 Hide and Seek/14 I Can't Control Myseslf/15 Birddog/16 Cherry Bomb (Live)/17 Cherry Bomb (Dance Mix)/18 I Need Someone (Dance Mix)/19 Bombs Away

GOOD MUSIC-01 Good Music/02 This Means War/03 Roadrunner/04 If Ya Want My Love/05 Fun, Fun, Fun/06 Black Leather/07 Outlaw/08 Just Lust/09 You Got Me Floatin'/10 Contact

UP YOUR ALLEY-01 I Hate Myself For Loving You/02 Ridin' With James Dean/03 Little Liar/04 Tulane/05 I Wanna Be Your Dog/06 I Still Dream About You/07 You Want In, I Want Out/08 Just Like In the Movies/09 Desire/10 Back It Up/11 Play that Song Again

We'l stop here for now, there is a bit more material than i anticipated.....stilll almost ALL are essential

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