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an absolutely stunning submission from Studkid

(scott) This one threw me for a loop, I, for one did not know these existed. What it is, is this is evidently the 25th
year anniversary of My Bloody Valentine's honest-to-God-classic "Loveless", a great album, most would agree.....Studkid submits for us incredible (I assume, haven't heard them yet but cannot wait) cover projects involving that great album....actually two of them......first of all we have "Blue Loveless", an covers collection done by Korean bands:

1Vidulgi OoyoOOnly Shallow5:07
4Sei & SwannTo Here Knows When3:49
5JowallWhen You Sleep3:58
6GhostMuttsI Only Said4:45
7NinaianCome In Alone4:54
9Soil Sugar Poco LargoBlown A Wish4:42
10Big Baby DriverWhat You Want4:21
11LoOm (13)Soon5:01 

Next up is "Yellow Loveless", covers of the same album, done up by Japanese bands.......this sounds amazing, unique, and great......this is a FINE submission from Studkid, a part of this holiday weekend will be set aside to listen to these.........

1東京酒吐座Only Shallow4:27
3The Sodom ProjectTouched4:48
4Lemon's ChairTo Here Knows When11:18
5--Shonen KnifeWhen You Sleep3:21
6東京酒吐座I Only Said5:13
7Age Of PunkCome In Alone4:05
8Boris Sometimes8:12
9Shinobu NaritaBlown A Wish5:12
10Lemon's ChairWhat You Want6:19
11Sadesper RecordSoon6:21


You have to love stuff like THIS, it's fantastic WITHOUT even hearing it.......once again, I LOOOOVVVVVVEE guest submissions to this blog, they are what makes it what it is, and this one is a great one! Thanks 1000000 times over to Studkid, a great share!

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