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By Request, Smashing Pumpkins Part 2

As promised, wrapping up the Smashing Pumpkins rarities.....there is a lot more of this stuff in my stash, if
there is a lot of interest in more, I will post it, just let me know (a LOT more demo collections and concert boots are available, should there be a demand for them)....anyway, today I selected a bunch of both (demos/boots) that should satisfy most Pumpkins fans for now.....this was a band with about a million songs that never were released, and, as such, the demos albums in general are quite interesting because they contain shit you have not heard before....always a cool thing.......please check these, and keep in the back of your mind that there is more should there be a demand for them!

1988-89 DEMOS-01 The Vigil/02 Nothing and Everything/03 Holiday/04 The Cross/05 Jennifer Ever/06 East/07 Nothing and Everything/08 Sun (Remix)/09 She (Live)/10 Spiteface/11 Honeyspider (alt.)/12 With You/13 Egg/14 Rhinocerous (alt.)/15 Bye June/16 Stars Fall In/17 Daughter/18 Daydream/19 Psychodelic

1989 REEL TIME STUDIOS SUMMER SESSIONS DEMOS-01 Egg/02 Bury Me/03 Bye Jane/04 Cinnamon Girl/05 C'Mon/06 Daughter/07 Daughter (Extended)/08 Daydream/09 East (alt.)/10 Honeyspider (edit)/11 Honeyspider/12 Honeyspider/13 I Am One/14 Love/15 Not Worth Asking/16 Psychodelic/17 Rhinocerous (alt.)/18 Rhinocerous/19 Snap/20 Stars Fall In/21 With You

1989 REEL TIME STUDIOS FALL ACOUSTIC SESSIONS/SIAMESE DREAM DEMOS-01 Waiting For You Now/02 Fat Man Blues/03 Fat man Blues/04 Bleed/05 She/06 Vanilla/07 My Dhalia/08 Waiting/09 Stray Cat Blues/10 I Am One/11 Cherub Rock/12 Dream/13 Quiet/14 Rocket/15 Today

666 DEMOS-01 The Viper/02 Funk Jam/03 Tribute to Johnny/04 Noodling WBFTT Intro/05 Porcelina of the Vast Ocean/06 XYU/07 Zero Bass and Drums (Take 1)/08 Zero Bass and Drums (Take 2)/09 Thru the Eyes of Ruby/10 V-8/11 XYU/12 The Black Rider/13 Zero Guitar (Take 1)/14 Zero Guitar (Take 2)

GRAVITY DEMOS DISC 1-01 Jelly Belly/02 Beautiful One (ugly)/03 Bullet With Butterfly Wings/04 No Escape (Weeping Willow)/05 To Forgive-For Nothing Less/06 Blast/07 Descendo (Mouths of Babes)/08 And I Stumbled to You (Pennies)/09 Dizzle/10 A-Ab-E-B-F/11 Rings/12 James Complex Song (So So Pretty)/13 With Longing/14 Straight Ab (Love)

GRAVITY DEMOS DISC 2-01 Set the Ray to Jerry/02 The Innocents (Galapogos)/03 A Drone (Speed)/04 Busy Down Tune Bib-G (Lucky Lad)/05 Jackboot/06 New Wave A to G/07 A-B-G Drop A/08 Glamey Glamey/09 Walking Country/10 Tonight Tongiht/11 The Groover/12 New Wave Echo (Germans in Leather Pants)/13 Pretty Drop A (Milleu)

CHICAGO 11//3/91-01 Rocket/02 Tristessa/03 Window Paine/04 I Am One/05 Siva/06 Drown/07 Silverfuck

LONDON 7/4/93 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Rocket/03 Cherub Rock/04 Rhinocerous/05 Today/06
Spaceboy/07 Siva/08 Dancing in the Moonlight/09 Disarm/10 Starla

LONDON 7/4/93 DISC 2-01 Outshined/02 Suffer/03 Hummer/04 Drown/05 Stage Banter/06 Kooks/07 Smiley/08 Bye Jane/09 Stage Banter/10 Crush

CHICAGO 10/23/95-01 Tonight Tonight/02 Zero/03 Today/04 Disarm/05 An Ode to No One/06 Thru the Eyes of Ruby/07 Geek USA/08 Porcelina of the Vast Oceans/09 Bullet With Butterfly Wings/10 Cherub Rock/11 Mayonaisse/12 XYU/13 Baby Loves Rock/14 If You Want My Love/15 Auf Wiedersehen

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