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Good Jim Carroll Band follow-ups

Yesterday's Jim Carroll brought us some excellent follow-up material, thanks to all who stepped up and
submitted......all of these were posted in the comments section of yesterday's post, and seems like a good time to remind everyone, the comments section is fine, usually I will catch them there, but if you wish to share something, if it's not extra work for you, it is better to email your submission to me at csgmiller@sbcglobal.net as I will be CERTAIN to see it then and give it the attention it deserves.....but if it's easier to put them in "comments", no problem, I'm happy to take them any way I can get them.

First of all, from Thomas Jefferson (that's what it says) is another concert bootleg, this one from Uncle Sam's, Nantasket Beach, MA, 6/20/82. Here is the complete set-list:

1. Interview
2. It’s Too Late
3. Wicked Gravity
4. Them
5. Jody
6. Reason to Believe
7. Lorraine
8. City Drops Into the Night
9. Barricades
10. People Who Died
11. Interview


A good bit of post-"Catholic Boy' stuff here, as this boot is a bit more recent than those that I put up. Haven't heard it yet, but the "rarity" factor alone here is enough to make this fairly desireable.

Next up, an Anonymous contributor gives us a pair of gems, the first being Carroll reading from his classic "Basketball Diaries" :       http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/R3IUhJBg/file.html  

And, the same reader also gives us an album with which I am unfamiliar, "Praying Mantis", which he refer to as a "spoken word, poetry recital stuff"......sounds way cool to me, especially as a rarity/historical document.....     http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/72gh9YlW/file.html

And, finally, (for now, I hope there may be more to come) our old friend Petty Vendetta (please visit his blog of the same name, ( http://pettyvendetta.com/blog/, stuff there that you may love) ).....he has sent us some cool shares from time to time as a long timer on the blogging scene, and today he gives us a pair of good ones, first, another spoken word effort, "Jim Carroll Readings at Naropa" (never heard it, Petty Vendetta adds the "highly recommended" tag to this one, act accordingly....in addition, in reference to the two submissions from Anonymous (above), PV also suggests we "get these while you can", not sure why but I'm sure he has his reasons so I would follow his advice)......he also sends what I think is a different reading of "The Basketball Diaries" than the one above (not really certain if they are different but I'll post both to be certain)....

Be rightback, gonna go check as to whether I have a copy of the book on my computer (I don't think so)
No, didn't have one, sorry, try that place where they lend out the books, uhhhh the Lie-Berry or something like that.......seriously I will look around, I'm sure either myself or someone out there in blog land will have/find a PDF or some other format, because it really is fantastic reading, at least I think so. 

SPOKEN-     http://pettyvendetta.com/jim-carroll-readings-at-naropa/

BASKETBALL-  http://pettyvendetta.com/jim-carroll-reads-basketball-diaries/

OK, a spate of Carroll stuff today, I bet you there is some more of it out there, you know where to send it if you have it.....by all means I'd be sure and read the book, listen to the spoken stuff (I've not heard it, excited to), of course listen to the boot, and I'll add one more thing.....unsure if Netflix has it or not, or RedBox or whatever, but the movie "The Basketball Diaries" is quite phenominal as well with Leonard DiCapprio taking on the roll of Carroll and also, just a damned fine and entertaining film in my opinion.

Without looking it up, Carroll passed away in about 2008 or 2009........I really loved "Catholic Boy" back in 1980, it was an important album to me........I'm glad that he is remembered by so many, as so many have material of his they wish to share........and we'll always welcome more, anymore concert boots will of course be appreciated, and, especially, a print version of "The Basketball Diaries" (as well as his other effort, I think it was called "Living at the Movies" but don't quote me on that).....

Thanks to everyone who contributed......contributions, and I ALWAYS say this, are the life blood of this particular blog, 100%.......if not for outside contributions this site would be NOTHING.

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