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Electric Fuzz

Took this off another blog, again, if you want to know which one, email me and I'll tell you, I just don't want to give unwanted "publicity" ...this is pretty cool, a three disc live set from Norfolk VA psychedelic jam band Electric Fuzz.......I listened and thought it was worthy of inclusion here.....see what you think, I enjoyed it myself.

Below is all the info you need, as well as the track lists if you are interested.....somewhat Grateful Dead/Phish influenced semi-psych jams, worth a listen. We preach VARIETY round here, and I'm always on the look for different sounds to share with the world......I thought this one was pretty good, you can see what you think!
The Electric Fuzz Band
2014-05-16 The Taphouse
Norfolk, VA
FM Broadcast

The Electric Fuzz Band 
 Jay Morgan - Guitar, vocals
 Ryan Russell - Guitar, vocals  
 Derek Givans - Drums, vocals
 Cory Potrafka - Bass, vocals

01. GettinBETTER
02. Searching For Sunshine
03. Fried Neckbones
04. Jingo
05. Blue Hats Little Sister
06. Iron Maiden tease
07. Neighborhood Dispute
08. Sister Sunday
09. Fire On The Mountain
10. Pain and Tears

01. Tienas Llerba Buena
02. Muy Gordo
03. Machine Gun
04.GET Out Of Norfolk
05. 20th and DeBree
06. Wanna Take You Higher
07. Tripsong

08. Super Slick Butt Kck Mix
09. Revolution Revelation

01. Southbound
02. Grinning In Your Face
03. Franklin's Tower
04. Olde Crowe
05. VoodooCHILD

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