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Delincuentes-Jouvenez Punks De America Latin

Well, I am running low on corners of our globe to investigate......when I run out I think I'll stick with
Nugget-rock/garage/psych whatever for a little while, it has been phenominally popular, and as I've said I have a TON of it left that I haven't even tapped into yet.....I hope you guys found my geographic presentations interesting, both USA and International, I sure as hell did enjoy doing them and re-listening to some of them for the first time in many years (odd that one of my faves, the Cambodian set, I have no info on, but I do dig the shit out of that set)

Anyways, today let us venture to the various lands of Latin America for a VERY fine set, the title of which is "Delincuentes-Jouvenz Punks De American Latin", which I'd think self explanatory even for a Yank like meself........yep, more teenage garage rock, from all over South America this time. ......

So what have we? Los Ovnis treat us to the great standard "Baby Please Don't Go" (hey, at least it isn't "Gloria"!.......Los Yorks "El Loco" is pretty good, The Speakers take on "Lucille" with decent results, and pretty much every track is a winner, it's one of the better sets of this ilk......hope ya enjoy it, this MIGHT be the end of the regionalized posts (unless I come across some others that I have forgotten), but fear not.....I am in a groove with this Nugget-rock/psych/garage stuff for now, and I'm gonna keep it coming for a while, I think I'm just about worn down on the "geographic angle......hope ya's enjoyed it, and hope ya's CONTINUE to enjoy the
future posts.....

Tomorrow? Well, what can I say but WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?

DELINCUENTES-01 LOS HITTERS-Delincuente/02 LOS YETIS-No Me Digas Adios/03 LOS OVNIS-Baby Please Don't Go/04 LOS YORKS-El Loco/05 LOS YETIS-Amor Sideral/06 LOS AMPEX-Lost Love/07 LOS YAKI-Las EstatuasDe Marfil/08 THE
SPEAKERS-Glendora/09 LOS YORKS-El Sicodelico/10 THE SPEAKERS-Lucille/11 LOS OVNIS-Ya See/12 LOS BEAT 4-Lo Que Sera/13 LOS SAICOS-Lonely Star/14 LOS BULLDOGS-I'm Gonna Find a Cave/15 LOS SHAIN'S-Shain's A Go Go/16 THE BEAT BOYS-Wake Me Shake Me

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