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And yet another way cool submission from John N (thanks as always), I did not know Phantogram prior to this share, but after checking it out, it is no question "post-worthy".....this is their third album (entitled "Three"), I have no clue what the first two sound like (help?), but this one is way fab, kind of an electro-synth/trip-hop kind of thing.......let me just say I like it, and if you trust MY judgement (a BIG "if") you may want to sample this one....according to the Wikipedia page on the band, they consist of Josh Carter on vocals/guitars and Sarah Barthel on vocals/keyboards......hailing from Greenwich New York...according to the same source they were previously known as "Charlie Everywhere". I might compare them somewhat to Mommy and Daddy, but that might be getting ahead of the curve a bit (Mommy and Daddy were one of my VERY faves!)

This album took me by surprise too, surprised by how much I liked it, it's really fab......this babe can belt out a tune, for sure, and there is some surprisingly good instrumentation as well.....all adds up to yet ANOTHER album that I need to thank John N for, literallay amazing how many tremendous albums, both new and old, he has turned ME onto, and I hope that you feel the same way. Yet another contender for year-end lists, thusfar, I've enjoyed EVERY track (carpet-bomb style, of course) in particular "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" and "Funeral Pyre", which are fab tunes, but I don't want to sell the album as a whole short......it's DAMN GOOD, I'd recommend you don't miss it!

Funeral Pyre/02 Same Old Blues/03 You Don't Get Me High Anymore/04 Cruel World/05 Barking Dog/06 You're Mine/07 Answer/08 Run Run Blood/09 Destroyer/10 Calling All

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