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English Freakbeat

Certaly I have several sets of stuff British from the 1960's-Nuggets era, sort of outside the concept
as , unlike most other lands they didn't just attempt to knock off the US sound, as pretty always (punk, metal) they had their own unique sound that was NOT superior to the US in my view, simply stood side by side......the difference, as it were, being something like the difference between Visa and Master Card, or, even, the American League and National Leauge (is an AMERICAN baseball reference for you who don't grasp my meaning.....forgive, I've been drinking all day, and sampling some "other" stuff as well......it IS a long weekend after all!)

So, English Freakbeat.I am gonna give ya SIX discs of this stuff today, it's a pretty good set, little/no overlap with previous sets I've posted......I like the set quite a bit, this will PROBABLY be the only Brit set I publish in this "International/Regional Nuggets" format, as I'm wearing down on this concept anyway......I've got some Italian stuff for tomorrow, but I'm not going to post nearly all of it, for reasons that will be explained tomorrow......so, here in a couploe days, I DO have some more mps from this era, BUT the regional concep is going to be finito.......it's been fun, and it has kinda given my blog something of a unique flavor I think, but I bore kind of easilly, and, while I have struck reader/downer gold with some of these obscure 60's comps, I WILL continue with some more of them, JUST NOT in the regional format........hope you've enjoyed the groove and hope ya like the nxt direction I go in, whatever it might be (I'd clue ya in but I have no clue).

OK, here we go.....SIX DISCS, appreciate it......Disc 1 leads off with the Groundhogs, yes, TS
McPhee and co, I did a huge post about them in thier latter incarnation a while back when they were a slammin', screeching guitar-blues band......anyway, it is WAAAAY cool that we get an early track from them here, we aslo get the Primitives, The Wild Ones, The Birds, The Rats, and a few other legends of the era.

Disc 2 treats us to Mickey Finn, Muleskinners, The Limeys, and LOTS more......Disc 3 brings us a few tracks from the Ravens featuring Kinks Dave Davies, the Raving Savages version of "Surf City" (!), Sons of Fred, the Shakespears and LOTS more......

Disc Four? Glad you'd ask.....good stuff from the Clique, Soul Agents, Syndicats (the standard "Crawdaddy Simone"), Mickey Finn & the Bluemen, and a TON more. Disc Five gives us Pete Best, Billy J Kramer, The Peeps, New York Public Library, and of coures the Cryin' Shames take on (wait for it) "What's New Pussycat?".......and finally Disc 6....we get the Fairies, Junco Partners, Bo & Peep, David John & the Mood, and lots more......OK, in the US this stuff is pretty damned obscure.....I'm sure some of you folks that call SOCCER "football" will be quite familar with a lot of it, but us Statesiders (who call FOOTBALL "football") have really limited experience with a lot of this.......

OK, I do have quite a bit more of this UK Freakbeat stuff.....I'm NOT planning on posting a lot of it, UNLESS you guys request it......six discs is a good bit, but I do what the minions desire. Let me know what you think, I'm running low on "regions" of the international variety, but I have still probaby 500-600 MORE comps of Nugget-type rock that we haven't even touched on yet......gotta know what you folks want.......PLEASE let me know, OK?

DISC 1-01 GROUNDHOGS-Shake It/02 JOHNNY NEAL & THE STARKLINERS-Walk, Baby, Walk,/03 IN-BE -TWEENS-Girl, I Am Your Evil Witchman/04 THE REBOUNDS-Help Me/05 THE PRIMITIVES-Help Me/06 THE PRIMITIVES-Lethem Tell/07 BEAT MERCHANTS-Pretty Face/08 STEVE DAVIES-She Said Yeah/09 LOOT-Baby COme Closer/10 MIKI DALLON-I'll Give You Love/11 THE CHASERS-Inspiration/12 SHEFFIELDS-Plenty of Love/13 COURIERS-Done Me Wrong/14 THE RATS-Headin Back/15 THE WILD ONES-Purple Pill Eater/16 THE PRIMITIVES-Cara-Lin/17 THE PRIMITIVES-Forget It/18 THE BIRDS-Say Those Magic Words/19 THE BIRDS-Daddy Daddy

Time To Start Loving You/04 PETER KUBASKA-I Love Her/05 PETER KABUSKA-Messin With the Man/06 BEAT MERCHANTS-So Fine/07 BEAT MERCHANTS-Messin With the Man/08 WOLF PACK-We're Gonna wl/09 SYNDICATS-Howlin For My baby/10 SOUL AGENTS-Gospel Train/11 SOUL AGENTS-I Just Wanna Make Love To You/12 MULESKINNERS-Back Door Man/13 MULESKINNERS-Missed Your Lovin/14 WHEELS-Don't You Know/15 WHEELS-Road Block/16 BLUEBERRIES-Please Don't Let Me Know/17 BLUEBERRIES-It's Gonna Work Out Fine/18 BLUE RONDOS-Little Baby/19DAKOTAS-7 Pounds of Potatoes/20 LIMEYS-Cara-Lin/21 LANCASTERS-Earthshaker/22 LANCASTERS-Satan's Holiday

DISC 03-01 SONS OF FRED-I, I, I Want You're Lovin/02 SONS OF FRED-She Only Wants a
Friend/03 IN CROWD-Why Must They Criticize/04 THEE-There You Go/05 UK'S-Your Love Is All I Want/06 ATTRACTION-She's a Girl/07 BRYAN & BRUNELLES-Jacqueline/08 WAYS & MEANS-Breaking Up A Dream/09 THOUGHTS-Memeory of Your Love/10 COURIERS-Take Away/11 MOCKINGBIRDS-One By One/12 ANSWERS-It's Just a Fear/13 RAVING SAVAGES-Surf City/14 SVENSK-Getting Old/15 RAVENS/DAVE DAVIES-I'm a Hog For You Baby/16 RAVENS/DAVE DAVIES-I Beleived You/17 RAVENS/DAVE DAVIES-This I Know/18 QUAKERS-She's All /19 QUAKERS-Talk To Me/20 TALISMEN-You Break My Heart/21 FRAYS-Keep Me Covered/22 FAVOURITE SONS-Walking Walking Walking/23 SHAKESPEARS-Burning My Fingers/24 DAVE DEEDOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-He's a Raver/25 TALISMEN-What Kind of Boy

& ROBBERS-You'll Never Do It Baby/04 CLIQUE-She Aint No Good/05 IN CROWD-Things She Says/06 MAL RIDER & THE SPIRITS-Forget It/07 SNOBS-Ding Dong/08 SONS OF FRED-Baby What You Want Me To Do/09 SONS OF FRED-I'll Be There/10 SONS OF FRED-Sweet Love/11 SOUL AGENTS-Don't Break It Up/12 SOUL AGENTS-Mean Woman Blues/13 SOUL AGENTS-I Just Wanna Make Love To You/14 SYNDICATS-Crawdaddy Simone/15 TONY DANGERFIELD-She's Too Way Out/16 WHEELS-Call My Name/17 MICKEY FINN & BLUEMEN-Reelin ANd ROckin/18 OTHERS-Oh Yeah/19 PRIMITIVES-Johnny Nooooooo!!!!!!!/20 SHORTY & THEM-Dimples/21 4 DEGREES-Too Much Monkey Business/22 4 DEGREES-I've Got My Brand On You/23 STOVEPIPE NO. 4-Pretty THing

DISC 5-01 PETE BEST-The Way I feel/02 THE DARWINS THEORY-Daytime/03 THE PEEPS-Now Is the Time/04 THE PICKWICKS-Hello Lady/05 GEORGE BEAN-Why Must they Criticise?/06 JASON EDDIE & THE CENTREMEN-Come On Baby/07 THE UNTAMED-It's Not True/08 GEOFF GODDARD-Sky Man/09 THE EGGY-You're Still Mine/10 NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY-Got To Get Away/11 CHRIS SANFORD-I Wish They Wouldn't Always Say I Sound Like the Guy From the USA Blues/12 THE CRYIN SHAMES-What's New Pussycat/13 A WILD UNCERTAINTLY-Man WIth Money/14 TRUTH-Baby You've Got It/15 BILLY J KRAMER-Chinese Girl/16 THE IMPAC-Too Far Out/17 THE PAUL STEWART MOVEMENT-Too Too Cool/18 THE GREENBEATS-You Must Be The One/19 REV ANTON & THE PEPPERMINT MEN-You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover/20 FOUR + ONE-Don't Lie To Me/21  THANE RUSSELL-I Need You

DISC 6-THE FAIRIES-Get Yourself Home/02 THE FAIRIES-I'll Dance/03 THE FAIRIES-Anytime
at All/04JUNCO PARTNERS-Take This Hammer/05 THE CHEYNES-Respectable/06 THE WILD ONES-Bowie Man/07 RYTHM & BLUES INC-Honey Don't/08 ERKEY GRANT & THE EARWIGS-I'm a Hog For You/09 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD- Bring it To Jerome/10 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-I Love To See You Strut/11 BILL & WILL-Goin To the River/12 BLUES BY FIVE-Boom Boom/13 STEVE ALDO-Baby What You Want Me To Do/14 JASON EDDIE & THE CENTERMEN-Singing the Blues/15 BO & PEEP-Young Love/16 CHICAGO LINE-Shimy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/17 CHICAGO LINE-Jump Back/18 THE WRANGLERS-Little Liza Jane/19 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-To Catch That Man 20 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-Diggin For Gold/21 NIX-NOMADS-She'll Be Sweeter Than You/22 BO & PEEP-Rise the Brighton Surf

LOTTA material there folks, HOPE you appreciate the work, by leaving a comment......this is  decent set, with more of this stuff than any casual fan of the genre will need in his /her entire lifetime......links in a lil while, I haven't let ya down yet!

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