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Part 8 of my Garage Fuzz blowout

Wow, up to letter "H" on these garage/punk classics, these have been QUITE popular, I posted them a
couple of years ago, but I guess the blog's following was smaller then, because a lot of folks seem thrilled with this post.......that's great, I never did recall from where I got this, likely Pirate Bay, and I also don't recall how I posted it the first time (might have been too bulky for general consumption)....anyway, this is some of the finest available in obscure 60's Nugget-rock, this is generally ALL great stuff, enjoy!

PART 8-01 HANGMAN-Faces/02 HAPPY RETURN-To Give Your Lovin'/03 HARBRINGER COMPLEX-I Think I'm Down/04 HARD TIMES-I Can't Wait Til Friday Comes/05 HAYMARKET RIOT-Trip On Out/06 HEADSTONES-24 Hours/07 HEARD-Exit Nine/08 HEIRONYMOUS & THE DHARMA BURNS-100 Mice/09 HENCHMEN-Get Off My Back/10 HENCHMEN VI-Is Love Real/11 HERBIE'S PEOPLE-Residential Area/12 HERD-Things Won't Change/13 HIM & THE OTHERS-I Mean It/14 HINGE-The Idols of Your Mind/15 HOOTERVILLE TROLLEY-No Silver Bird/16 HOT DOG STAND-Zilch/17 HUMAN BEINZ-April 15/18 HUMAN BEINZ-Every Time Woman/19 HUNS-Destination Lonely/20 HUNTSMEN-So Long/21 HUSH PUPPIES-Hey Stop Messin' Around

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