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YEAH! More Liquid Sound Company!

(scott) Submitted by Zigzagwanderer, here are the rest of The Liquid Sound Company releases.......I haven't heard em, but I liked the one I posted so much that I am excited to tear into these! Thanks a million to Zigzagwander, who, of late, has been submitting some KILLER shares........keep it up, and that goes for all of you, this blog works best when I get LOTS of submissions from the team! I am betting that these albums kick ass, based on the one I DO have, lets find out........thanks a zillion to zigzagwanderer, THIS is how this is SUPPOSED to work!

Hi Scott ,
                 Liquid Sound Company only made three albums , you posted one recently , here's the other two ;

Liquid Sound Company - Acid Music for Acid People (2011)

01 - Liquid Sound Freedom.mp3
02 - Agitation Free.mp3
03 - Wow, Man.mp3
04 - Morning Sun.mp3
05 - Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist Inside The Acid Temple.mp3
06 - Unfolding.mp3


Inline image 1


Liquid Sound Company - Exploring The Psychedelic (1996)

01 - A Splash Of Color.mp3
02 - Mesmerizing Eye.mp3
03 - Ride The Coaster Pyramid.mp3
04 - Let The Incense Drift.mp3
05 - Golden Gate '67.mp3
06 - Swallow.mp3
07 - Sadhana Siddhi.mp3


Inline image 2


can't wait to hear these!

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