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(scott) Well, Jon S continues his tradition of great mega-posts, his latest involves Speedy Ortiz, of whom I
have never heard....however, as we speak, I am carpet-bombing this discography and, as I've told ya before, and always been proven right, anything Jon S submits is pretty damn good, at least I think so.....

If you don't know Speedy Ortiz, it's some above-average indy/alt/grunge kinda stuff, chick-fronted which is always a plus for me......as a (big) bonus, Jon S also includes a bunch of live stuff, as well as a pile of stuff from Quilty, who were Speedy Ortiz' front-lady Sadie Dupuis' pre-Speedy band......awesome post, this is going to take me a while to listen to....but what I have listened to thus far is mega-badass.........see for yourself, and PLEASE drop a note of thanks to Jon S if you would, he sends these great, HUGE posts that are nothing short of stellar......this is another winner, lotta good stuff here, please don't miss it!

Speedy Ortiz


The Death Of Speedy Ortiz (2011)

01 hexxy sadie/02 cutco/03 phish phood/04 kinda blew/05 ken-ohki/06 speedy ortiz/07 hurricane speedy/08THANK you/09 frankenweenie/10 blondie

Cop Kicker (2011 EP)

01 ka-prow!/02 necronomicon/03 teething/04 doomsday

Sports (2012 EP)

01 Basketball/02 Indoor Soccer/03 Curling/04 Silver Spring/05 Suck Buddies

Live at WFMU 4/1/12

01 Basketball/02 Indoor Soccer/03 Hexxy Sadie/04 Curling/05 Taylor Swift/06 Swim Fan/07 Silver Spring/08 Cutco/09 Mark II/10 Speedy Ortiz

Major Arcana (2013)

01 Pioneer Spine/02 Tiger Tank/03 Hitch/04 Casper (1995)/05 No Below/06 Gary/07 Fun/08CASHCab/09 Plough/10 MKVI

Metro Gallery, Baltimore 8/12/13

01 Indoor Soccer/02 Hexxy/03 Ka-Prow!/04 Plough/05 Tiger Tank/06 Swim Fan/07 Fun/08 Cash Cab/09 Gary

Kennedy Theater, Raleigh, NC 9/6/13

01 Taylor Swift/02 Tiger Tank/03 Hitch/04 Fun/05 Casper/06 Cash Cab/07 No Below/08 Silver Springs/09 Plaid/10 Gary/11 Indoor Soccer

Real Hair (2014 EP)

01 American Horror/02 Oxygal/03 Everything's Bigger/04 Shine Theory

Big Light Studio  1/30/14

01 Plough/02 American Horror/03 Everything's Bigger/04 Curling

SXSW Festival, Austin 3/12/14
01 Everything_s Bigger/02 American Horror/03 Indoor Soccer/04 Hexxy/05 Silver Spring/06 Fun/07 No Below/08 Tiger Tank/09 Plough/10 Taylor Swift

Mercury Lounge, New York 11/2/14

01 Taylor Swift/02 Tiger Tank/03 Plough/04 MKVI/05 Casper (1995)/06 Graduates/07 Ginger/08 Doomsday/09 Curling/10 Bigger Party/11 American Horror/12 Everything's Bigger/13 Ka-Prow!/14 Indoor Soccer

Foil Deer (2015)

01 Good Neck/02 Raising the Skate/03 The Graduates/04 Dot X/05 Homonovus/06 Puffer/07 Swell Content/08 Zig/09 My Dead Girl/10 Ginger/11 Mister Difficult/12 Dvrl Wvrld

Birmingham, UK 10/23/15

01 Tiger Tank/02 Casper/03 The Graduates/04 Raising The Skate/05 Puffer/06 Zig/07 Plough/08 Mister Difficult/09 Silver Spring/10 Swell Content/11 Pioneer Spine/12 Ka-Prow!

Foiled Again (2016 EP)

01 Death Note/02 Puffer feat. Lizzo (Lazerbeak Remix)/03 Emma O/04 Puffer OPEN Mike Eagle Remix)


Quilty - Sadie Dupuis pre-Speedy band

Black Hole (2010 Single)

01 Lizard Queen/02 Chris on the Beach

Clover/Coriander (2010)

01 Clothes/02 Siiya/03 Supernova/04 Tags/05 Borneo/06 Jackshit/07 What Is This_!/08 Little Minor/09 Shark Week/10 Mr. Benjamin Wilson

Strange Matter (2011 EP)

Northside Showcase, Brooklyn, NY 6//19/11
01 Siiya/02 Supernova/03 Carnivale/04 Lizard Queen/05 Chris On the Beach/06 2/07 Cult of Ego/08 Shark Week

Masonish (2012)

01 Adjective Noun/02 I Don't Care/03 Masonic, Pt. I/04 Masonic, Pt. II/05 Strange Matter I & II/06 Arguëlles/07 Carnivale

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