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Studkid fills a request

(scott) there has of late been a guy requesting re-up of The Shaggs.....as most of you know, I don't in general
post re-up requests, simply because I'd not get anything else done......but in this case Studkid has packaged it all up nicely for us, so PLEASE enjoy, Keith Noble!

Keith Noble have asked for a re-up of Shaggs 

The Shaggs - The Shaggs (1988):

To make this interesting for others, I give you more "Shaggs", One of the sisters
made a record in 2013, and its still awfull.

Dot Wiggin Band - Ready! Get ! Go! (2013);

Believe it or not, but a tribute has been made.

VA  - Better Than the Beatles - A Tribute to The Shaggs (2001)

  1. Philosophy of the World - Ida
  2. You're SomethingSPECIAL to Me - Optiganally Yours
  3. Who Are Parents? - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
  4. My Cutie - Mongrell
  5. We Have a Savior - Bauer
  6. It's Halloween - Joost Visser
  7. My Pal Foot Foot - Deerhoof
  8. My Companion - R. Stevie Moore
  9. Shaggs' Own Thing - Plastic Mastery
  10. Painful Memories/Wheels - Slot Racer
  11. Who Are Parents? - Danielson Famile
  12. You're Something Special to Me - Furtips
  13. Philosophy of the World - The Double U
Title is a quote from Frank Zappa aboute Shaggs

Yes, Shaggs is awfull, but actually there is a girlie band from the 60' playing garagerock, which have a fantastic vibe.

She a.k.a The Hairem

Tracklist Show Credits

1She (8)Outta Reach
2The HairemLike A Snake
3She (8)Piece Of You
4She (8)Roll On
5She (8)Bad Girl
6The HairemHey You
7She (8)Don't Leave Me Baby
8She (8)Braids Of Hair
9She (8)Don't GoHOME Tonight
10The HairemNot For Me
11She (8)When I Was A Little Girl
12The HairemCome On Along
13The HairemBus Stop
14She (8)Lonely Boy Of Laughter
15She (8)Feel Like Giving Up
16She (8)You Came To Me (Home Demo)
17She (8)Outta Reach HOME Demo)
18She (8)Satan's Angel (Home Demo)
19She (8)Boy Little Boy

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