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Studkid submits more Lou Barlow

(scott) good submission from Studkid here, Lou Barlow is an underappreciated performer if ever there were
one.......I posted his latest (pretty good) album in the last few days, and along comes Studkid with some more Barlow goodies that you are going to want! Personally I had no knowledge of the hardcore band Deep Wood, aparently they released but a single 7".....but hey, here it is, should be great!!!!!
In 82' Barlow joined Marscis in Deep Wound, a hardcore punk band. They released only a 7". Here is a disk with the 7" + live.

Try Barlows webside. Its full of lyrics, songs,VIDEOS and etc...Chaotic as hell.


(scott) Thanks a million Studkid, i LOOOOOVE this type of submission........please continue to send them at your convenience!

well, here is some MORE Barlow from Studkid, might as well check these as well.........

Sorry, forgot this one

"A one-off side project with Northampton's own Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Folk Implosion, etc) Bob Fay (who joined Sebadoh right after this) and Eric Matthews, (Cardinal, solo act) this little 33RPM 7" EP was cut as a favor to a Sebadoh fan who was trying to get his small label, Sonic Bubblegum, up and running in Brighton, MA.

 This has Lou Barlow's stamp all over it. Very Sebadoh-esque, just a bit weirder and angrier than your average Lou B Sebadoh material. Back when Lou was in Dinosaur Jr, his lyrical contribution to the band was mostly bloodcurdling angry screams. The sensitive and quieter side of Lou came out with Sebadoh, and early on, he seemed willing to let Eric Gaffney play the role of the band's screaming psychotic. Belt Buckle seems to be an outlet for the pissed-off Lou that got left behind. Thankfully, he doesn't revert back to his old screaming ways. Instead, he writes these twisted and humorously dark little songs. StandoutTRACKS are "Judas Suicide" and "Mary Hair". Pretty sure I picked this up at Main St. Records shortly after it was released.

 A: Judas Suicide, Pocket Skylab Love
 B: Mary Hair, Girl Who Reads
taken from daily7inch.blogspot

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