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Brought to you by Letter "D", more Garage Fuzz!

As I've said, this huge torrent is  favae of mine, there is  little of everything on this thing......classics,
obscurities (LOTS of them!).....I found it on line long ago, I don't recall how I posted it, but it was probably the wrong way......smaller serving sizes such as these will get it out to more of the diners in the restaurant, and the responses have been STRONG.......I hope you guys dig this one, cause it will be around for a little while at least, but, of my "Torrent Projects" (Female Metal, some others), this Garage Fuzz one is no doubt my favorite.......everyone else seems to be liking it as well, this time, and let's see what we can get up for ya yet today, as the VVVVVIIIIIKKKKKIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGSSSSSSS don't play until Monday Night Football this week,  but to compensate for that, No Vikings=Kickass Garage Fuzz........enjoy the letter "D")!

VOLUME 4-01 DAGGS-I Don't Know/02 DAN-DEES-Think About It/03 DANIEL PAUL REVELATION- Reflections of Mine/04 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/05 DAVE CLARK FIVE-Maze of Love/06 DAVE MEYERS & THE DISCIPLES- C'mon Love/07 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me Back/08 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues Theme/09 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues Theme (vocal)/10 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Cycle-Delic/11 DAWNBREAKERS-Alligator/12 DAZE OF THE WEEK-One Night Stand/13 DEAN CARTER-Rebel Woman/14 DEAN KOHLER-Gooseberry Pie/15 DEBONAIRES-Never Mistaken/16 DECADES-I'm Gonna Dance/17 DEL-VETTES-Last Time Around/18 DENIMS-White Ship/19 DENNY EZBA'S GOLD-Queen Mary/20 DESTINY'S CHILDREN-For Me/21 DINO DESI AND BILLY-The Rebel Kind/22 DISCIPLES-Junior Saw It Happen/23 DISTRICT SIX-She Cried No/24 DIVORCED-I'm Gonna Leave You Satisfied/25 DIVORCED-When I'm Coming Home/26 DOM-Dom/27 DON MELENA & THE DRY ICE-Land of Summertime/28 DON NORMAN & THE OTHER FOUR-Low Man/29 DRIFITIN FIVE-Hard Hearted Baby/30 DUST-Sky Flight

Don't miss this fab opportunity, there are about a zillion non-"Nuggets" tracks here, wonderful stuff......make
your own albums, keep this huge torrent on your drive, but whatever, Trevor, this is some bad ass shit that YOU fucking WANT!

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