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A totally different Slayer project

A week or so Brian submitted a brilliant covers project, re-creating Slayer's "Reign In Blood" album.......another reader, who will go by "DH" until he tells me differently, has created a totally different type of Slayer project........his album has many versions of the song "Raining Blood".....I went back and forth sa to whether to post this, but I have decided that I am going to.....I DO NOT wish to detract from the brilliance of Brian's creation......by any means. I happen to think that Brian is likely the best in the WORLD (yes that is what I said) at creating magnificent cover project albums........BUT, this one is somewhat interesting as well.......sort of like the "Louie Louie", "Gloria", and "Paint it Black" albums we've posed before, thy can be interesting as hell when you have many different interpretations of a particular song......so I am going to go with this one, BECAUSE, simply, I WANT TO ENCOURAGE READERS to create and submit projects of this nature.........please, PLEASE continue to do so.....not likely you will ever match Brian's skill level, but nonetheless, these projects are fun as well, and I thank DH for this "Raining Blood" submission.


1. Amon Tobin
2.Fn Danny Box
3.Concord Dawn
6.ERik Hinds
7.Lil John
8.Malevolent Creation
10.Reggie and the Full Effect
13.Tori Amos
14.Tarnsformer Di Roboter
15. Vader
16. Warlord Uk
18. "DeadSKIN Mask" - IKK Remix

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