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Czech Beat!

Another maybe somewhat unexected corner of the globe for some garage/psych rock, Czchoslovakia
(remember Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin as those tow "wild and crazy" Czech brothers on "Saturday Night Live"? No? Go watch "Drake and Josh, JUNIOR)......I'm sure was a task to put this one together,I doubt that the Czech Republic had a REAL plethora of rockin' clubs or whatever, but here is a sampling of what they COULD come up with I guess.......the Matadors get three tracks, as does Flamengo, and Juventus, the Beatmen get two, and the Olympics get a single one.......I'd call this one a bit more "interesting" (and it is that) than "listenable" (although it is NOT "un-listenable").....hey, it's all rock n roll.......we owe it to ourselves to check out ALL the amature noisemakers from ALL the corners of the globe.......and this one is just another in the parade.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN BEAT-01 THE MATADORS-Old Mother Hubbard/02 THE MATADORS-Malej Zvon, Co Mam/03 THE MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/04 THE BLUESMEN-A Proto Se Bojim Mit Te Rad/05 THE BLUESMEN-Ler Proc Nemohu Spat/06 JUVENTUS-Bob Hands/07 JUVENTUS-18 Minit/08 THE BEATMEN-The Enchanted Lie/09 THE BEATMEN-Safely Arrived/10 FLAMENGO-Poprava Blond Holky/11 FLAMENGO-Pani V
Cenerem/12 FLAMENGO-Zarazadil Jsem Lasku/13 THE OLYMPICS-Vzpominka Pliziva/14 JUVENTUS-Procitnuti

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