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Dayglo Abortions

I have but one album from these Canadian punks, but I'm thinking that one album might give you a pretty good idea of what these lads were all about. Somewhat influenced perhaps by GG Alin and the Plasmatics, designed to shock.......the band went through a bit of early legal trouble and I think the story is kind of interesting, taken from their Wikipedia page:

Legal trouble[edit]
In 1988, a police officer in Nepean, Ontario, instigated a criminal investigation of the Dayglos after his daughter brought home a copy of Here Today, Guano Tomorrow. Obscenity charges were laid against the Dayglo Abortion’s record label, Fringe Product, and the label's recordSTORE, Record Peddler, but those charges were cleared in 1990.[4]
Two albums featured in the resulting trial, the covers and the lyrical content being showcased by the prosecution. Here Today, Guano Tomorrow had a cover showing a picture of a hamster eating from a box of chocolates on nice satin sheets, along with aGLASS of wine. A gun points at the hamster. The back cover shows a depiction of the resulting carnage. The previous album, Feed Us A Fetus, was perhaps a little less graphic, with a depiction of a baked fetus on the table in front of Ronald andNancy Reagan.
The title song of theirNEXT album, Two Dogs Fucking, concerned the supposed priggishness of Ottawa's public officials leading directly to the extinction of the human race.
Odd, isn't it, to think of, say, the upcoming Presidential election, and the potential resulting problems, and then, think for a moment, about people getting so excited about an album cover. The mind reels.

The only album I have in my stash is a compilation effort from 1998, "Stupid World Stupid Songs".....some good representative tracks from the band's storied career, ("Punker Bitches", "Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads", "Fuck My Shit Stinks"........get the idea?")

Quite dated, actually, but quite an amusing period piece......and, as I said, this is the only piece in my stash representing them, so you know what that means.......any of you punk rock lovers might have some more goodies from this tribe....until then, make due with this bad boy......

       Hope ya don't mind if I paste the track list it's a long one......
  1. Stupid Songs – 2:14
  2. Dream Date of the 90's – 2:10
  3. Stupid World – 2:48
  4. Hide the Hamster – 2:35
  5. Inside My Head – 1:21
  6. Wasted Not Worried – 2:01
  7. I Killed Mommy – 2:00
  8. Here Today, Guano Tomorrow – 4:54
  9. Skatans' Skids – 2:52
  10. I'm My Own God – 1:55
  11. Punker Bitches – 2:46
  12. Proud to Be a Canadian – 1:56
  13. Drugged and Driving – 5:23
  14. Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads – 1:32
  15. Scared of People - Black Sabbath – 4:26                                  
  16. Nikki Dial – 1:08
  17. Fuck My Shit Stinks – 3:15
  18. F.O.B. – 2:44
  19. Courage in a Can – 2:22
  20. Feeder Brigade – 1:47
  21. Stroke All Day – 2:44
  22. Isn't This Disgusting – 4:10
  23. Germ Attack – 1:29

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